Toxic Chemicals are Everywhere

Mar 26, 2013 by

Did you know that most of the products we buy (soaps, body products, kids toys) contain harmful chemicals?

Did you know that as women & moms, we are the most impacted by exposure to toxic chemicals?

Did you know that toxic chemicals can cross the placenta and pass through to our children via breast milk?

Did you know there are over 80,000 unregulated chemicals in commerce today?

This sh*t is scary people!

Moms are the first environment for our children. We are the ones that carry a baby through pregnancy, we are the ones that breastfeed our children (if we choose to do so) and we are the ones that buy most of the products our families need. I think many of us wrongly assume that if we can buy something off a shelf it’s undergone safety testing and unfortunately it’s just not true (sorry to burst your bubble…)

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CTWorkingMoms to Speak at Upcoming Event!

Sep 11, 2012 by

Each year, the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut hosts their annual celebration meeting to share past successes, hear from great speakers and plan for upcoming work. It is a fun evening with good food and good friends. It is also a time for the coalition to honor special leaders that have helped along the way.

We are so excited to let you know that this year, our blogger Dena Fleno is a featured speaker at this event! She’ll be speaking about her Cleaner Living column (remember that 12 Days of Toxins series she did??) and will be talking more generally about the concerns moms have about the use of toxins in children’s products. We are so proud of her for being asked to do this and encourage you to attend to hear her speak!

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A Toxic Chemical Victory!

Aug 16, 2012 by

Excellent news! Johnson & Johnson has now committed to removing a wide host of known toxic chemicals from their products by 2015. Earlier this year the company committed to removing these unhealthy and dangerous chemicals from baby products, but they now have plans to move past that original promise to include all of their personal care products. This is huge, like really, really huge. I can’t recall seeing another large company voluntarily take a stand like this. Go thank them on their facebook page because when companies do good, they should know we appreciate it!

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Toys Made for Kids are Safe…right?

Mar 15, 2012 by

For those of you who know me, you already know I feel pretty strongly about the excessive use of chemicals in our every day products. I recently spoke at a press conference about the use of a toxic chemical called tris in children’s products. I KNOW to be critical of what’s used in the products I’m giving my child, and yet…

I was at our fellow blogger Christa’s house (sorry Christa) and saw that her little babe (who is SUPER cute and just a love bug) has one of those foam playmats with the alphabet. I fell in LOVE with it. I wanted it so badly for my little girl that I used my Babie’s-r-us gift card to get the same exact one. I went right home, set it up and the baby loved it. As did I. Then, just two days later, she figured out how to pick up the individual pieces of the mat and chew on them. My husband literally came running from the other room saying “don’t let her put that in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Cleaner living: Toxin a Day Wrap Up

Jan 31, 2012 by

Whew… that was exhausting!  I’m sure you are thinking right about now that this is completely overwhelming, so many things to remember, look for, learn about.

I felt, and still feel the same way.

It is sad, scary, and a tad mind-boggling that we have to spend so much time, energy, and brain power trying to make informed decisions about the simplest of things… like soap.  There are so many questions that come up?

Why are companies putting these chemicals in our products?

Why are they so reluctant to take them out?

Why can I not just trust that the product on the shelf is safe and doesn’t have the potential to harm me or those I love?

Simple answer… because they can.

The regulating agencies can say that certain ingredients can or cannot be in certain products, but there is absolutely no oversight to make sure that these regulations are followed through on.

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