3 easy recipes for the busy, stressed, and uninspired (like me!)

Jan 26, 2015 by

I’m actually not a bad cook, but you wouldn’t know that if you came into my kitchen on a typical weekday night.  Embarrassing as it is, most nights we eat frozen stuff or pasta.  And Friday nights we get takeout.  And Saturday we eat takeout leftovers.  Before we had our daughter, I experimented with cooking a lot, but now I’m just so TIRED.  And going to the grocery store with my little girl is such a PAIN.  And planning ahead for Peapod is just so LOGICAL.  I know you know what I mean.

This past week, I was really proud of myself – I actually found a couple recipes that were doable and pretty delicious, so I thought I would share with everyone out there who I know feels my pain.

The Perfect Baked Potato

I have adapted this from Alton Brown’s recipe.

You will need:

A Lesson in Being Brave: My Defining Parenthood Moment

Jan 19, 2015 by

My defining moment as a mom doesn’t have much to do with my daughter.  Of course, she is peripherally involved in the story, but actually, if someone had taken a picture of this moment, it would be of me with big fat tears rolling down my face and a giant bag of M&Ms.

Let’s back up.

I am a school psychologist.  It’s not exactly one of those careers that anyone starts to dream of as a small child.  I didn’t decide to follow this path until well after college, and by the time I finished the long, tumultuous process of grad school and internship, I was 29 – on the older side for a first-year educator.  I couldn’t believe my luck when, with zero years of experience, a wonderful school district decided to take a chance on me.

Be GONE Guilty Mom Gene!

Jan 9, 2015 by


Sometimes as mothers I think we are born and bred with a “Guilty” Gene. Before having kids I was definitely a lot less harsh on myself. Do not get me wrong I still beat myself over things like weight but overall I was pretty content.

Guilty Gene is imbedded in our DNA!

Guilty Gene is imbedded in our DNA!

Then BAM I give birth to my son and all of a sudden I feel guilty about everything. You know what I am talking about fellow working MOMS!

“Is he sleeping enough?”

“Shouldn’t he be crawling?”

“Oh my god he had eggs two days before recommended!”

“I am so exhausted and not so present at work”

“My poor husband has not seen a pretty version of me in months!”

And so on and so and so on….

You know you are a parent when….Part 2

Jan 2, 2015 by

When I first started writing for the blog I wrote a post that stated when you know you are a mom and wanted to continue with this and I have over the last few years realized how much my life has changed for good, bad and just plain different.

You know you are a parent when:

1. You can no longer run, walk brisk or exercise (not like I am doing to much of it anyway) without pissing yourself.

2. You tell your partner you can have sex but don’t be concerned if you fall asleep in the middle of it.

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

You got five minutes buddy (Picture Credit)

3. You pass out before New Years Eve and not because of a drunken escapade, rather you are just lame and tired.

4. You realize you can never purchase anything nice without recognizing it will eventually have piss, puke or some bodily fluid on it.

To my toddler I love you but…

Nov 14, 2014 by

To my toddler Mommy and Daddy love you  very much but….

YOU have no idea how good you have it with the following:

1. Your father is a chef and makes the most amazing, delicious restaurant quality dinners. You of course stick your nose up, scream as we force you to try JUST ONE bite and demand pizza. Do you know how many people out in the world have NO food, but you have home-made, healthy, yummy, dinners made numerous times a week?

People Pay for these types of dinners!

People Pay for these types of dinners!

2. You are able to take a dump and piss in a toilet. Back in the day people did this in buckets in their house. Some people still have to urinate or defecate out in a forest! Please try to keep it in the toilet bowl and not all over the floor.

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