What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine!

Oct 14, 2014 by

images[7]My brother and I fought like typical siblings. After an afternoon of playing we would need alone time and naturally an argument would occur. My brother still holds some deep-seated resentment about these events, and I recognize having a younger sister was somewhat traumatizing for him.

Over thirty years later, I am parenting an older boy and younger girl, with a similar gap in age. Their arguments are familiar and often remind me of my childhood. This past weekend I had an opportunity to catalog a series of arguments and learned a few things about how my children relate to one another (and how I respond).

Sharing does not come naturally, unless you have more than your sibling. In that case, you are more than willing to share what is leftover and feel rather noble about your charity. This often reminds me of some work situations.

My response the first time this happened was to calmly offer, “we share equally.” After the fifth incident Saturday morning, even the neighbors heard be shout, “WE SHARE EQUALLY!”

Two Parents sick = Worst time ever

Sep 19, 2014 by

One of the things I despise the most about adult hood is the fact that when you are sick you do not have your parents there to take care of you. I remember in graduate school I came down with the FLU. It was a week of hell and while my sister would check in on me (we lived together) and also my boyfriend (now husband) it was not the same as the tender loving care parents give to their sick young.

Fast forward to becoming a parent yourself and then get sick.


I brought home an awful cold/sinus infection and was praying that it wouldn’t spread. I washed my hands every day but like every other responsible adult I still went to work. I felt like dog crap the first few days but let’s be honest the kids do not give a shit that you feel like….shit.

Learning to Juggle

Sep 9, 2014 by

Remember those days when an alarm clock woke you up and you had that delicious option of pressing “snooze”? Yeah, I don’t remember either. Today, my day started at 3:26am (is that even considered morning?) with a crying infant who lost his pacifier. After plugging him back up I went back to bed and as soon as I drifted off……”MOMMY!!!! I want to sleep in YOUR bed! There are no monsters in YOUR bed!” My bed is invaded by a 3 year old little person, who, by the way, sleeps perpendicular to me, with his feet in my rib cage. Edging over to the very last 6 inches of bed space, I try and catch a few more precious minutes of sleep when I suddenly remember I have to bring formula to Daycare (how could I forget that?!) It’s ok, I’ll just pick it up on the way there, which means I have to leave about 7 minutes earlier. I can do that. Oh but wait! I need to get gas too….ok, add another 6 minutes….zzzz…

Top 5 Ways to Drive a Working Mom Crazy

Jul 24, 2014 by

Perhaps that title should read “crazier” because “crazy” is already the defining characteristic of my life.  Wait, I know…top 5 ways to send a working mom OVER THE EDGE.

1. Notes home

Got a note home from camp about my son not having a napkin in his lunch today. Seriously. A napkin. For my 8-year-old son who is completely capable of walking himself to the bathroom for a paper towel should the need arise.  I couldn’t even wrap my brain around that level of insanity.  My kid had food, shoes, and had showered within the past week. You should be sending me home a gold f-ing star not a note about a napkin.

I can’t even.

2. Sick kids

What to do next in my career?

Jul 11, 2014 by

As you know I have been working in a new job which I accepted while I was 11 weeks pregnant. It has been tough to be the newbie and pregnant with a toddler, and then having a newborn but in the end it has been totally worth it. Lately though I have been sitting back and really thinking about my career.

I know thinking is a hard commodity to come by these days between getting up for night feedings, working a new job, and adjusting to being the primary breadwinner but I’ve found myself pondering what’s next for me in my career?

I work in a corporate environment as a technical sales person, basically I sell chemicals, reagents, and instruments for scientists to use during research and development. I get to use my brain and learn new things every day. So while I am happy with my current career I have not figured out what I want to do to advance my career path?

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