Love my BOB stroller!


It’s a bit pricey but I must be honest, I LOVE my BOB running stroller. We use it not only as a running stroller but as our every day stroller. It rolls really smoothly and has shock absorption which is great when the little babe is sleeping soundly and we hit a rocky patch on the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure any of their stroller models will rock your world. We have the BOB Revolution model. Check it out here:

2 comments on “Love my BOB stroller!”

  1. Jess did you ask this just so I could say even more great stuff about the BOB?! Does it fold up easily and compactly – YES! It literally folds up in two moves. Watch this video – this is pretty much how I do it with our stroller:

    Seriously, this is the BEST stoller ever. Dan and I are constantly talking about all the awesome features about it. Let me know if you have more questions! They have some pretty cool accessories too.

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