New Pregnancy World


This is a new world…maybe a “bizzaro world” but definitely different. I speak of the world of pregnancy. I found out that I was “knocked up” in January and have been waiting for the creation (or spawn) of my husband and our love (lots of wine and the movie Twilight) to arrive in October.
I work full time as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep so I have to be on point, happy, and smart on a daily basis. Now a few things I have noticed over the last 8 months have made me realize I have to apologize to my mother for putting herself through this 4 times and every other mother out there. I have changed and people around me have changed since my belly has been getting larger and larger (along with other parts but that is a whole other blog). A few observations which have given me new respect to all mothers especially those who work.
1. Pregnancy brain: It is real and making my daily life positively annoying. I am a bit of a control freak and planner with everything in my life but this constant forgetting is frustrating as hell. I literally cannot remember little things like “did I send in my info to my gynecologist or did I send that analysis to my boss?” As I look back I realize my boss now has information on my leaking breasts and my doctor is perusing my strategy to impact changing managed markets in my territory. NICE….those are great conversations to have and clear up.
2. People have no filters: I understand that pregnancy makes people feel like we have an alliance or comradery but I really do not want to hear about your 40 hour labor and how your child is sucking the soul out of you on a daily basis. Or even better that I look like I am having twins (only one thank you very much). Luckily I am laid back and realize that people usually do not mean to be rude, but seriously if I hear I have “pregnancy face” aka FAT FACE one more time……
3. Strangers are extra nice: How is it people will go out of there way when you are pregnant to help, open doors, etc. but when you see a mother actually carrying a child they could care less?
4. My husband is very patient: I have a new found love for my husband who is dealing with a ball of emotion, completely foreign body and a complete lack of sexual intimacy with a smile on his face. Sometimes I feel bad, but then I think of labor and don’t worry about it anymore…
These are a few of my observations which I have noticed over the last 8 months and I know there are more but I can’t remember….

3 comments on “New Pregnancy World”

  1. Sorry honey for being the sis who tells you all my daily soul sucking stories 😦 but you always present me with that open ended question “how are the kids?”…actually a very loaded question LOL. I like to think I even out my soul sucking stories with my super positive labor stories, does that count? Like your blog, i know your stories will become even more colorful once baby arrives!

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