Save, Save, Save!


So I have been using’s Subscribe and Save program for a few months now to buy diapers and have been saving a lot of money.  I have been saving about $1/package off the retail price and they get delivered to my door with free shipping.  Score!

The other day I got an email to sign up for Amazon Mom.  I clicked the link thinking it would be some fee, but heck, I’ll check it out.

Well, I find out it is FREE, I can save 30% off diapers and wipes, and can save more money on other household and kid/baby stuff.  Now I am saving about $4/package off retail price.  On top of that, you get a Free 2 day shipping on Amazon Prime eligible items (not just baby stuff) for 2 months and get an additional month of free shipping with every $25 order.  I’ve already gotten myself through Christmas for free shipping… Definite win!

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