I’m a mom of a Toddler – a One Year Old – when did that happen?


I’m a mom of a Toddler – a One Year Old – when did that happen?

   When did that happen? Did I blink? He was just born it seems….the ambulance ride to the hospital a month early, the baby boy in my arms in a little over two hours from the start (I know don’t hate me – it was fast but it was considered a traumatic birth), the return to the hospital and then a transfer to a different hospital for high bilrrubin levels (jaundice) – I thought it was the scariest thing as a first time momma being in CT Children’s Hospital with this tiny baby hooked up to wires and lights, how could we get through that, well we did!  We got through those first few days and then they rolled into weeks being home as a family unit Mom, Dad and baby. We were learning about each other and just how much sleep you actually needed to survive – umm I mean function – to change a diaper and hopefully prepare yourself something to eat. Sandwiches and anything small and portable were my best friend in those first few weeks after his birth. Portable foods are easy to hold while nursing an infant.  Although, to be honest, there was the occasional noodle or grain or two of rice that fell on the baby’s head while we were all sitting to eat dinner and he was nursing – seems he was always nursing those first few fuzzy weeks.    

   Then maternity leave was over and I had to head back to work, reluctantly for me, and yet I have somehow managed to hold work life and home life in a semi balance – I must Thank my Husband here, Thank you Dan!!  Then you blink and you have a routine and a 5 month old who can sit on his own and pick up little toys and babbles. Then 5 months blurrs into 9 months and you have introduced some solid foods and a sippy cup (Thank you Dr. Tasso for the advice of introducing the sippy at about 7 months) and they are already or are almost ready to crawl. You get so caught up during these months with the upcoming milestones; when will they sit, roll over, crawl, talk or what will their first word be – routing for Momma – come on baby, say Momma – Momma, nope, it was “ball” and then quickly followed by “dadda”, of course.

   Before I knew it I was planning a First Birthday party – my little infant had grown into this cute blonde topped little boy asking for a “book” or “hat”.  We just celebrated his 1st birthday and I am still in amazement on how much he has changed in this mere one year span – they (the collective they) are all right when they say cherish it – it flies by so fast.   Stop, smell that small sweet head fresh from the bath, cuddle that itty- bitty baby a little longer, watch them sitting still in awe of an object.  Because now he wants to take off and go more than being cuddled.  And rightfully so, he learned to WALK!!!!  Let’s go explore all the nooks and crannies of the house and bring Mom and Dad some pieces of lint or little crumb found on the floor, it’s amazing what they find even after you just swept the floors.  So now my little precious infant is toddling around my hardwood floors with the occasional fall, yet far a few between as the days go by, he just picks himself up and heads off to get a toy or follow the cat “eeooow”.   This new journey is by far the most fun so far!!!

❤ Mom

2 comments on “I’m a mom of a Toddler – a One Year Old – when did that happen?”

  1. Great Job! Felt like I was reading an Editor’s Blog! ENjoy those precious moments, and I will have to give you a copy of the poem “Handprints”!! Just remember to always keep the video camera on charge to capture those moments- there is nothing better for you and him to look back on “those days”!

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