Tricks every Mom should know


Every mom has certain tricks for getting our Mommy job done.  Here are a few if mine, and feel free to leave some of yours in the comments!

– Broke the darn tab on the disposable diaper? Dont throw it out!  Tape works, but is usually not with you at your diapering station, so fasten the good tab grab another diaper and put it on top of the broken one.   Diapers are expensive, dont waste a single one!

– Diaper rash got you and baby stressed out?  Best way top south the sore bum is to use a unscented write to get any poo off, then air dry baby’s bottom for a minute.  Get some unflavored Mylanta and dab on bum with a cotton ball.  Let dry a bit and then frost baby’s bum like a cupcake with your favorite diaper cream.  Next diaper change dont try to scrape off the remaining white stuff, just gently wipe and repeat the process until baby looks and feels better.

– Baking soda is a miracle product! Use a little in the bath to help relieve diaper irritation.  Make a paste with some water to relieve bug bite itching.  Even use a tbsp mixed with your shampoo every now and then to give your own hair some much needed clarification!

– Duct tape and nail glue can fix almost anything

– Breast is really best in more ways than just nutrition!  If you are experiencing cracked nipples leave a little milk on then after a feeding and let air dry if you can.  It acts as its own barrier to infection and rubbing against clothing.  Baby acne and those fingernail scratches will drastically improve by being treated with a little breast milk!

-Did your little Picasso draw a masterpiece on the wall?  Take a picture to keep and then get those crayon marks of the wall with a dryer sheet.

– Cough keeping you and baby up all night? For kids, put some Vick’s rub on the soles of their feet and then cover with socks (less mess).   For babies, they make a baby Vick’s (there is a chemical in the regular one not safe for infants).

– You may never give your child gum, but inevitably they with get some in their hair or yours at some point.  One word- Crisco.

– Does baby have sensitive skin or eczema? Goats milk has special properties to help soothe the itching and red skin, and it is hypo-allergenic.  I use Canus Lil Goat’s milk bodywash on my kids AND myself.  We absolutely love it and it is good for Ava’s sensitive skin.

Hope these make life a bit easier, and dont forget to comment with some if your tricks!

3 comments on “Tricks every Mom should know”

  1. I get mine on Amazon since it is cheaper and comes in a 3 pack, but I think you can find it at Whole Foods and some CVS stores. I got a sample pack from a friend as a baby present and loved it! And it smells so clean a yummy when baby gets out of the bath!

  2. Great post! I will definately have to check out that goats milk bodywash – my Lillian has sensitive skin. Where’s the best place to score some?

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