Another frugal mom tip


Last week, Michelle posted some great money-saving advice about shopping for baby clothes. I wanted to chime in and add a trick up my sleeve for saving some cash in this area as well.

Recently, I dangerously discovered the kid’s clothing store Janie and Jack and became instantly obsessed. Like ob.sess.ed. The problem? The clothes are outrageously priced for pint-sized clothes – heck, I hardly pay those prices on clothes for myself. Still, I found myself having to act quickly to stop the drool from getting all over the pretty little things in the store – and this time it wasn’t my baby doing the drooling.

So what did I do? I schemed up a way to be able to eventually outfit my girl (at least some of the time) in these beautiful clothes without feeling like I’ll need to feed my family Ramen every night for the next month.

First, forget about buying anything super cute in her current size. Am I the only one who thinks that baby girls at four months old just don’t look cute in skirts and dresses? No matter what I try on her, she looks like she’s positively swimming in anything other than pants. So, I’ll continue to clothe her in onesies and pants and you can just keep it to yourself if you don’t think that’s feminine enough for her (yes, I’ve heard this before).

Since you’re then not buying anything in your baby’s current size, head directly for the sale rack and think about what size your child will be in this season next year. Trust me, your baby won’t be able to complain that that adorable sundress on the rack was soooo last summer.

This is exactly what I did at Janie and Jack. At a year old, my baby girl will just about be ready to wear the fantastic spring-y skirts and dresses I picked up in size 12-24 months at a serious steal.

The damage? Just $60 for 6 pieces – that’s like Old Navy price range to me and I wouldn’t have bat an eye about spending that amount per piece there. The best part is I paid less than what one of the dresses alone cost originally. Now I have a few special pieces to work into her big girl wardrobe. Score!

Psst – Janie and Jack is currently offering an additional 20% off already reduced prices! Yesssssssss.

3 comments on “Another frugal mom tip”

  1. excellent tip! I did just that at j&j this summer- i snagged an adorable red plaid overall set for this Christmas for JMS! I think i only paid $13 for it or something crazy rediculously low. Just like joyofmotherhood posted, i keep the tags on as well as receipts in case the clothes are too big or too small when the time comes.

  2. I tried that and little man went past the “future size” I bought for the summer season – so you just have to hope your little one grows on track. 🙂 but at 13 months my little guys is wearing 18 – 24 month clothes…again depends on the label each fits differently. But, Yes it is a great way to shop… just keep tags on in case the little gets to big you can always gift a lucky momma friend 🙂

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