Babyshower Ideas


I went to the babyshower of a dear friend of mine last weekend.  Hadn’t seen her in nearly three years–actually, since my baby shower! She lives on the Jersey shore and I’m up near Hartford and so needless to say, once I had my son, the trip seemed daunting.  This weekend reminded me of how much I love her though, and seeing her and her husband so happy and excited for their baby and expanding family was something I’m glad I got to share in. 

But…I digress.

What I found awesome about her shower was the fact that each guest was asked to bring a book to build her son’s library.  Everyone wrote notes on the inside cover of the book that she will get to enjoy with her son for years to come.  I was also able to turn this present idea into a night on the town with my own son, bringing him to Barnes and Nobles last Friday evening to play with the train set and read books as I picked out the perfect book for my friend and her little one, “How do Dinosaurs Go to School?”  A favorite of ours.

I think from now on, asked or not, I will be bringing a book to each baby shower I attend!

3 comments on “Babyshower Ideas”

  1. It is a Awesome idea and I always try to include a book in my baby shower gifts – in fact teh last shower I went to – for an Acquaintance- I gave a little basket with a book, a baby towel and some bath products – a night time bath and sleep gift!! 🙂

  2. This IS a great idea! I’ve been to a few baby showers where they request a book in lieu of a card, and i love picking out books for their new little. I can’t wait to read to Jake from his little library of books that were given to me at my shower.

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