I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with My Breast Pump

Hygeia – EnJoy- Best Pump EVER!

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t absolutely love my breast pump. I have had different pumps in the past for nursing issues I had with my oldest son.  The pumps didn’t help my breastfeeding difficulties, but they made me appreciate my current pump much more.


It is better… more effective, easier to use, over all it is just a better pump. It isn’t lined in gold, or a million dollar item. It is just better.  Get it?

But my problem?  I hate pumping altogether.

I hate bottles, pumps, cleaning them… I hate reading and re-reading the rules to storing breast milk, figuring out when it isn’t good anymore, or when the bags I have in the freezer aren’t good anymore.  Too much math for me. I kid you not!

I feel like a cow being milked when I sit down to pump, but it is just something I have to do… frequently. I may work at home, but I still leave the house for events, meetings, and sometimes there are places I must go that our five month old teething angel just can’t join me.  I mean, it is few and far between, but it happens.

I know I am not the only mother out there who feels this way too… Many of us put on a good face, smile and nod, and just do the pumping because breastfeeding is so important to us.  And while I cherish the time I get to myself… which isn’t much, I loath having to pump just to make sure I have enough milk to feed Addie when I am not around.

Secretly there has been times I have wanted to just call home and tell my husband, who just ran out of milk, to look in the top corner cabinet of our kitchen for the back up spare can of formula I have left over from my two year old. I know for sure it is probably expired, but just knowing it is there sometimes makes me want to tell him to use it while I run screaming.

On the other hand, I have made it to 5 months with no formula, the longest I made it with any of my kids without any type of formula intervention, even if it is just for a short period of time.  And that to me is a big accomplishment.  Not to put anyone else down, but man… if I could make it till Addison is a year old without using formula, I literally may throw a party. For real!

Anyway!  Any other pumping moms out there in the same boat?

8 thoughts on “I Have a Love-Hate Relationship with My Breast Pump

  1. There is a whole article out there, I think on Babble, about women who hear their pumps talking to them … Anyway, I used a Medela Freestyle double electric handsfree pump, and early on, before going back to work, I used a Medela Harmony handpump for the occasional bottle. Both were great. I had a fairly easy time pumping, but what made it hard was finding the time to stop what I was doing, put the pump together, open up my bra and just sit there and do it for 15 minutes or longer. Over time the pumpings spaced out and became shorter. When we reached one year I quit altogether and started sending whole milk to daycare instead. I was lucky in that I was able to get a lock and blinds installed on my door (glass window in door), and that even when I was on the road, I could find somewhere to pump in the board of ed offices or schools that I visited.


  2. I had an old school Medela Pump in Style for Miles that we got handed down from my sister-in law (we bought all new pieces and tubing). But by the time Ava was born it was almost 12 years old and crapped out on me within a month! So I bought the new Medela backpack one and loved it just the same! Except I also hated pumping… I felt like it would talk to me and I imagined it saying “milk the cow” as it pumped…CREEPY!! A good tip for multi-tasking and pumping (especially if you have a office with a door to pump) is to get an old bra and cut an X in the nipple area. Then when you are putting together the pump slip the shield through before attaching them to the bottle and put the bra on (even over a shirt). It holds those suckers (pun intended) in place and you have two free hands to email, text, or just plain read!


  3. I loved my Ameda pump and I was happy to throw it away once I hit the one year nursing mark! Along with it went every bottle and piece of paraphanaila that related to pumping in my house. I have heard that “it was a lot of money to throw away” but honestly after using the thing several times (or more) a day for an entire year, the poor thing was about to give up the ghost anyway…. it was a good little pump, and it was time.

    It was a bittersweet parting, because on one hand I was doing a happy dance to be rid of it, I knew it was a realization of the fact that my darling daughter was really weaning (albeit slowly, she still nurses at 2 now) and it was hard to think about for me, after it being such an integral part of daily life for a year.


  4. YES! I. hate. pumping. with a passion. But I did it for 9 months with my last two and will be starting in the next two weeks for another 9+ months (I’m a teacher, so I won’t have to pump much next summer). The simple wishes bra helped, because I can grade and *almost* forget that I’m pumping. With my 3rd child, I spent over a month sitting on the floor of a university bathroom to pump, until I found out a fellow-minded mom was a professor and she let me use her office (isn’t she amazing!?). It’s a necessary evil for me. I have to work. I have to breastfeed. We need my paycheck and insurance. My baby needs my milk. But, I completely understand what you’re saying!


  5. Good for you! I loved and still use my $40 Avent hand pump. I know it sounds crazy, but I bought the electric one and it didn’t work for me as well. Go figure. I would love to join you for that party – 17 months and still going strong. A little too strong sometimes 🙂


  6. SAME BOAT! – Too funny – I too disliked cleaning the parts and the whole process… come to think of it – I think there is still a few packs of bm in the freezer I should toss (thanks for reminding me) – and oh I can so relate we had a safety back up container of formula stored in the upper cabinet as well – the free can they send you after you give birth. – I donated it to a friend of mine recently.

    We have made it almost 14 months (bf) now and I must say I am thankful I had the opportunity to do it – never in my wildest dreams thought I would this long – but glad we have. I also can say now that the past 2 months he has weaned a little bit so I no longer have to pump – YAY! – I just nurse mornings and evenings when I get home from work and my body seemed to adjust. I do like your idea and may throw myself a little congrats party when we are officially done. 🙂


  7. I wish I could throw in a comment but I can’t. I only breastfed for about a week (although I did use the pump during that time – an Ameda purerly yours and I wasn’t impressed).

    Good for you for making it 5 months with no formula!


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