Mommy and Me Zumba!


Yesterday, Nora and I went to our first Mommy and Me Zumba class!

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up. It was my first experience with Zumba, but with a baby, too? I didn’t know how the class would be run. Still, it would be my first real workout since I had the baby, and I was looking forward to it.

We showed up to class a couple minutes late, which normally bothers the heck out of me (I HATE being late!!) but quickly saw other moms with their babies arriving at the same time – clearly, this class would be at the whim of our babies and their last minute diaper changes and extra feedings. I knew right then I’d like the class for its ease and understanding of life with an infant.

We worked up quite a sweat! The focus of the class was on the moms, but the older kids could jump in if they wanted. I held Nora in my arms during the warm up, then put her down and only picked her up when she got fussy. I so appreciated the opportunity to exercise but meet the needs of my child when necessary.

I know I’m going to enjoy the class going forward and am already looking forward to next week!

Check out Nora – think she liked Zumba, too?

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