You Know You’re Guilty! Fess Up!

Last night as I was walking around my neighborhood with Lills in my new Ergo baby carrier (I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!) I realized just how often I sing her songs. I also realized how ridiculous some of my songs are, considering I tend to take random mainstream songs and change the words for her. You know you’ve done this too! Here are a few of mine…

My most favorite song I sing to her is:

“Just a Friend”

I change the chorus to: Lills, you’ve got what I neeeed. You are oh oh so cute, yes you are oh oh so cute, Hey little Lillssssssssss… and repeat.

I also change this one:

“Karma Chameleon”

I change the chorus to: Lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Her name is Lillian)

I will admit, I have even changed the words to “Baby Got Back.” I may have to reconsider my song choices when she can actually understand what I’m saying!

Comment and post yours!

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re Guilty! Fess Up!

  1. My Marissa loves it when I sing “Dancing Queen” to her while she’s kicking her legs. The lyrics are pretty tame so I won’t have to worry about her understanding them eventually. I also sing “I like to move it, move it” from the Madagascar movies and we both dance. Then there’s “Shake your bottle” instead of “shake your bootie” when I’m mixing her formula. For some reason, pop and rock songs from my childhood are the only songs I can think of when it comes time to sing to her.


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