Milestone Memories


When I was home on maternity leave after having Jake, I never left a room without a 1.) pluggie, 2.) burp cloth, or 3.) my iPhone.  Every new mom will understand the necessity of 1 and 2, but as far as Number 3, that might not be quite as obvious.  Nope, it was not to make frantic phone calls to my mother asking, “is it normal that Jake…?”  or to my husband telling him, “Yes! Please bring home a rotisserie chicken and all the sides!” on days that I simply could not make dinner happen.  The iPhone was for capturing every single cute (or in some cases, gross) thing that Jake did those first three months.  And I was so good about religiously putting on his “Month Stickers.”  For proof, see below.

…and then the wheels fell off after I went back to work!  We were lucky if we remembered to put the sticker on when we picked him up from school to snap his picture.  But then, as we began to get into the whole working-parent groove, we found time to make sure we snapped up every little important moment in the life of Jake.  There are so many times when I was pregnant that I kept saying to my husband, “I want to meet this baby!” or, “what’s he going to look like!?”  I was always so anxious to have him, and hold him, and just well, be with him.  And now that he’s arrived, we find ourselves wondering, “what’s he going to sound like when he talks?”  and constantly wondering when his teeth will come in, or when he’ll take those amazing first steps.   It seems like we are always focusing on what Jake will do next, and not enjoying the milestone of the moment now.

So you can imagine our surprise when we were greeted to this amazing sight this morning…

…and yes, he legit is standing on his own.

While it was so much easier to track all of Jake’s little “firsts” when I was home with him, it makes me realize how much  more important it is to take the time out of my busy work/home/mom life to keep up with Jake.  There are times when my husband and I are just totally exhausted at night and remembering to find the “month sticker” seems like a chore, we just know that after this first year goes by, we’ll be glad we put that sticker on Jake to remember him as he grows month by month.  Sometimes while running around the house getting ready for work there is always something that will stop me dead in my tracks and leave me grabbing my iPhone to take a quick picture.  I’m always glad I took those few minutes in the morning to just take those few pictures of Jake being Jake.  If there is anything that us working moms need to try to remember is to truly enjoy, capture, and remember our babies’ milestones.  We really need to take the time to appreciate each and every little “first” and enjoy and capture them before it’s time for the next “first.”  It’s one thing to get a picture of our little guy in his Halloween costume or propped up next to a pumpkin, but it’s those little moments like his first crawl, his first time eating a jar of baby food, and in this case, standing up all by himself in his crib, that I know I’ll be so glad I captured!

4 comments on “Milestone Memories”

  1. I never heard of “Month Stickers” but sounds like a cool idea. I gotta say I ❤ Love the Giant Giraffe and want one for Rivers room!!!

    I too am a picture taker so much that one of my coworkers said my son must be the most photographed baby in the world. – Well I wouldnt go that far just that he is my 1st and I want to remember every moment I can!!! I understand and congrats on the standing 🙂

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