Magical Mondays!


Okay, I have a difficult confession to make…ever since my first son was born almost 7 years ago my husband has been sitting on the back-burner. Before children we had THE MOST FABULOUS love ~ indeed we are Soul Mates. We were almost sickeningly sweet with our devotion to each other. It was the kind of relationship where when all my girlfriends were complaining about their husbands, I had absolutely nothing to contribute. I had NOTHING to complain about! Then…enter baby. It didn’t happen right away, but over time my attention ~ and my devotion ~ were mostly reserved for my baby, while my dearest hubby got sloppy seconds. I’m not proud of this. Through the years I made many attempts to bring our relationship back to the forefront, and it would work for awhile, but then I’d always revert back to my baby-tunnel-vision. It made me sad. I missed him. I missed US. And if you asked him, he’d tell you the same thing ~ that he missed his best friend. And I bet he’d even be really honest with you and tell you that he even resented me a bit for letting our children take me away from him.

But then this weekend, SOMETHING shifted. I can’t really even put it into words, but I got a VIVID vision of how I’d been keeping him at arm’s length over the years and how I just didn’t need to DO THAT anymore! I could just let him LOVE me the way he wants to and LOVE HIM BACK. I could TOTALLY immerse myself in our love, and then that love would magnify to ALL our family. So that’s what I’ve done the past 3 days…and the changes have been immediate and dramatic! I’m NEVER looking back. I feel like we’ve fallen in love all over again. And you know what started it? A simple hand massage.

He’s always been REALLY GOOD at taking care of me, but I convinced myself I was too busy with our children to take care of him. This weekend I decided it was TIME to take care of him by giving him a hand massage ~ and just this little gesture meant so much to both of us that it started a tidal wave of loving. The next day I went on You Tube and got some professional techniques for hand massage and gave him another one. I told him for one week I’m giving him a massage every night and he doesn’t have to do anything for me in return. (He’s been massaging me for YEARS without getting anything in return!) It’s been WONDERFUL for both of us. Our house feels full of LOVE! We’re playful and flirty and it’s reflecting in our parenting too. It really has been utterly magical. Thirteen years and 3 children later and our LOVE has never been better.

Perhaps you can relate. Perhaps not. In any case, let’s use this Magical Monday to list the reasons our husbands/partners are so damn special!

My hubby ROCKS because:

* he’s an INCREDIBLE chef and he made me a fabulous chicken-pot-pie last night!

* he brought me home 3 bouquets of flowers yesterday!

* he’s a really great father and so playful with our boys.

* he comes down from his home-office every other morning to take of the boys so I can run.

* he ALWAYS, ALWAYS believes in me.

* he’s got a great bod!

* he’s still the person I love talking to the most!

* his smile lights up the world.

* he’s incredibly fair and he forgives easily.

* he married me! 😉

Tell me why your hubby rocks! (And maybe treat him to a hand massage tonight! 😉 )


7 comments on “Magical Mondays!”

  1. I love my husband for many, many reasons. But right now, I’m most loving him for getting up at 5am every morning with our seventeen month old, so I can snuggle in bed (sometimes with our three year) until at least 6:30am. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I am loving this column! Thanks, Kate!

    I love my hubs because…

    *He is a hard worker and is devoted to his job and to me.
    *I watch him with our niece and I know he will be a terrific dad someday!
    *He is crazy smart, knows all kinds of random trivia, and kicks butt in Trivial Pursuit.
    *He brings me flowers for no reason.
    *He is patient and a good teacher.
    *He kisses me before we sit down for dinner every night.
    *He admires my grandparents’ relationship (married 63 years!) as much as I do and hopes we can make it that long, too!

  3. Love your post, as always Kate!

    Reasons my hubby rocks:

    *He’s a terrific snuggler
    *He has a special bond with our baby girl and I love watching them together
    *He’s kind and thinks of others
    *He has adorable nicknames for me that melt my heart
    *He loves cooking me yummy dinners (and pancake breakfasts!)
    *He’s smart and I love how he learns new things quickly
    *His unique love for things like fanny packs, swiss army knives and multi-tools keeps things interesting
    *He loves ME!

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