Favorite Things: Little Colds Honey Elixir

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We have been plagued by illness the last few weeks (hence my disappearance from blogging…Sorry!).

Ava and I have had strep with an ear infection for her to boot, now she is just getting over croup and I have some nasty,  sneezy, itchy whatever (not sure how Miles and hubby are escaping the torment…. knock on wood).


Other than the usual remedies/antibiotics for such ailments I have found a really great product that has helped BOTH of us-

Little Colds Honey Elixir

While in CVS to get the necessary supplies for when the children inevitably got my germs I saw the Honey Elixir.  I have always used “Little” products because they believe “less is more” and don’t have a whole bunch of additives, dyes, added sugar, etc.  So I bought some and figured we could try it.

Now, those who have had strep know that even water will make you cry for your Momma when you try to swallow.   Some people told me honey would work to help soothe my throat, but it’s thick and gooey and I really didn’t want to.  Putting it in tea requires too many painful swallows before you get relief.  So, I got out some of this and tried it for myself.

Hello, relief!

It goes down easy and really helps to coat and soothe my sore throat.  I used it for Ava as soon as she came down with symptoms and she never seemed to be as bothered by her throat as I had been.  It also helped to soothe her croup coughing, and she seemed to sleep better when I gave it to her.

You can use this on kids and adults 12 months and older (they don’t recommend honey until after the first birthday).  It will definitely be a staple in my medicine cabinet from now on!

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