Random thoughts


So I have decided to blog today like my brain has been functioning the last four weeks as a new mommy…completely random and disconnected. Between lack of sleep and transitioning into a mother my brain has been completely haphazard and definitely lacking in concentration. Low and behold some wonderful things that have been going on in this clueless first time mommy’s life…

I realize there is no love than a love for your child…alright I am corny but it is true. You can vomit in your own mouth, just please swallow it back down and continue to read.

My vagina took a beating! Over nine pounds of a baby did a number on me and even four weeks later I am feeling residual effects. I will not even dare and take a look at it in fear that I may pass out from the sight of it.

I love my son but it feels like Groundhog Day sometimes. Breastfeed, poop, pee, bath, sleep. Repeat over and over again. I give Stay at Home mothers mad kudos but also realize that I am not cut out for it, and how much I love my career and that I can have both.

My husband is so sexy and this is magnified with him and being such a hands on helpful father. He literally helps with Max but also cooks and cleans. I know I complain sometimes but this man is amazing. Too bad my vagina is beat up and I can’t reward him with gratuitous sex…

I love my new boobs. I went from a 36B to a 40D. To top it off I didn’t have to pay for them, they were free as long as they have a chubby little boy attached to them.

I am shocked at how much I can function with no sleep. Being a perpetual insomniac has paid off! I am used to waking up numerous times a night so it isn’t too crazy of a change. I will see how this goes when I have to actually work.

I still look at work emails and realize that I am proud to be a working mommy…

Wait I know there was one more thing, what was it?

4 comments on “Random thoughts”

  1. You’re doing a great job as a mommy, Katie! Great post, it’s amazing how much our bodies can endure when we have a fantastic bundle of cuteness byour side!

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