Sporty Saturday


Well, as you may have noticed, I have missed the start up of writing my blog. Why you ask? A lack of time. You may remember a time in your pre-child life when you had tons of free time, but now, in the wake of this new adventure of parenthood that you’ve embarked upon, you have no free time. The interesting part is it’s not so much a lack of time but a lack of time that you can call your own.

In that same spirit I would like to offer some solutions to the common time crunch. Small things you can do to fit in a little bit of fitness without sacrificing hours or time with you your family.

Your child can be used like weights at the gym. Depending on their age, you can use them for squats, crunches, and leg lifts for example. Try to fit in 10 squats or 10 crunches here and there (be mindful of the limitations of your body though, if it hurts don’t do it!). If you child is still small, you can hold them and squat, if they are older you can have them jump off the floor as you squat up and down to take pressure off your back. Lastly, if your back or the size of your child does not permit, picking up the toys and books can also help you to work out your legs and abs.

Check out this youtube video for more ideas on how you fit in exercise despite your crazy schedule.

2 comments on “Sporty Saturday”

  1. Thanks for the great suggestions! A good game of chase with your little ones who are old enough is also a good way to burn some calories.

  2. Great advice! I’m definitely going to try doing some squats with my eighteen month old! Any advice for some quick cardio exercises I can squeeze in, while watching my eighteen month old and three year old?

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