Epiphany in the Drive-thru Line


Hi all! Thought I would share my latest Working Mother Media blog post with you.

As I’ve blogged about in the past, having a child changed my view about a lot of things. I use to be quick to judge parents in the store whose kids were screaming and I thought breastfeeding was really the only “correct” choice. Then, I had my baby girl and have had more than one experience of handling a screaming/crying child while grocery shopping and ended up not being able to breastfeed. While it’s difficult to do so, I have to say that pre-children I was more judgmental than I would like to admit. Being a new parent has really opened my heart and allowed me to show more compassion and empathy for others.

I recently had another experience that made me think about this topic. I use to think, and again I hate to admit this, that people who use drive-thru’s are lazy. I was quick to judge Starbucks when a few of their locations starting boasting drive-thru’s. I couldn’t understand why my local pharmacy had a drive-thru either. Until, I needed to use both. Are you seeing a theme here?

As a mom with a child under the age of 1 who loves to nap in the car, I have come to have a deep appreciation for places that have drive-thru’s. Just the other day I needed to pick up a prescription for antibiotics that I had to begin taking that evening. I picked up the baby from daycare and she fell asleep in the car by the time I got to CVS (my local pharmacy). It was incredibly cold outside and I just couldn’t bring myself to wake her up, carry her from the car to the store in below freezing temperatures, just to spend 5 minutes getting my medicine. Then I remembered that CVS has a drive thru pharmacy — score! I happily waited my turn in line, sitting in my warm car with my little girl sleeping peacefully in the back seat. (I’ve also had to use the Starbucks drive thru for similar reasons)

My point here is two-fold. The first is that being a mom has really changed me for the better. I’m less judgmental and more compassionate towards others. The second is that more businesses should have drive thru options if they want to cater to busy working moms (or parents in general). I’m hooked, for sure.

How has being a mom changed you? Do you share my love of drive-thru’s too?

7 comments on “Epiphany in the Drive-thru Line”

  1. Oh Michelle ~ I was THE PERFECT PARENT before I had kids! You could have called me ” “Judgie-Van-Holier-Than-Thou!” How HUMBLING parenting is ~ now I judge NO ONE, as I come to realize EVERYONE’S path is perfect and if it works for them, then AMEN!

    So funny, I was just driving past a new Dunkin Donuts the other day and struggling to find a reason why they didn’t include a Drive-Thru! My local ATM doesn’t even have a drive-thru!

    I loooong for drive-thrus!!! (And have to thank god once again for home-grocery-delivery! 😉 )

    1. Kate! i forgot about the at-home delivery!! Shop Rite rules our lives! now it’s one huge 2 hour errand that we don’t have to do on the weekends anymore. i swear we are saving money by doing this, too. we’ve cut our grocery bill in half- no kidding- we marvel at it every time- because we’re not doing those extra splurge purchases anymore. What?? Special K cracker chips are 2 for $6! but i already have 4 boxes in the pantry… but it’s on sale! this has been a blessing in so many ways.

      and yes to the Judgie Mc Judgerson. that too was me, i’m afraid. Now i have no shame in any of my parenting skills, and to each her own, for everyone else.

  2. Amen, Sister!!

    I think one of the major selling points to my local CVS is the fact that it has a drive thru prescription window. So so key. Jake seems to hit the hay within minutes of driving, so these drive thrus are way more than a convenience for me. I find myself wishing and hoping that one day CVS will expand to a general drive thru so that i can pick up a pair of nylons on the way to work because whoops i just found out i had a run in my last pair of nude, instead of unbuckling a sleeping Jake and hauling him into the store en route to dropping him off to daycare in the morning! (true story. and yes, i did manage to wiggle myself into the nylons in the car in the parking lot. not an easy feat, i might add).

  3. i just read your article over at Working Mother and totally agree! You’ll find that even when your kids aren’t sleeping in the car, the thought of unbuckling, taking clinging child out of the car, stuffing into the cart, trudging into the market for a measly gallon of milk, making sure said child doesn’t push the buttons on the debit card machine, taking clinging child out of cart, putting in seat and re-buckling….will make you wish that EVERYWHERE had a drive-thru!

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