What if CHRISTMAS meant something more!

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This Christmas will be my sons 2nd – but really the first he is somewhat aware of, since he was only four months last year and now at 16 months he is a bit more aware of what is going on around him.  This Christmas for me is especially fun to watch his little eyes light up with the “lights” and decorations he sees, and to try to enjoy his first realization of what a present is.  I am also thankful he is not yet at that stage of “I want – I want” (insert toy, video game, etc) 

Which lead me to thinking, what if I could somehow try to curb that a little or at least try.  Commercialization of Christmas has been running rampant for years and it seems to get worse with each new December.  Now kids aged 4 are getting their own Ipads…. what?  Yep, someone I know is buying her four-year old his own Ipad for christmas.  I stop and I think how will I ever keep up – but wait a minute that is not what the whole season is about.  Not who can out do the other mom at the toy store or mall or kids screaming over what they want -want – want… Christmas is the celebration of Christs birth and a time to be thankful and gather with loved ones and we if we choose, show our love by giving something to the people we love – this doesn’t have to be a huge flat screened tv for your toddler to watch his videos, it can be something as simple as time spent baking cookies with Grandma and Grandpa, traveling from house to house over the holidays to spend time with family and friends or their favorite stuffed elmo doll.    We as a society always try to go bigger and better in everything we do, what if this Christmas or the ones to come we tried to do something a bit more from the heart.   Perhaps give some of the love we have to toys for tots or show your children there are kids without coats – lets go help out and buy them a coat for Christmas.  I’m not saying do away with family presents, I’m just saying Christmas should mean more then just who received  the largest pile under the tree.

I wish everyone takes a moment this Christmas and the ones to come,  to stop and just enjoy the moments with your Families & Friends – the smiles on the kids faces decorating cookies, the stories around the fire over cocoa, the lingering  in the kitchen, these moments and many more are some of what makes holidays special – the present is just icing on the cookie of life!

Merry CHRISTMAS to All & Happy New Year!!!

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

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