Hi. I’m the new chick.

Remember being the new person? In the pre-smartphone era, sitting at your desk, sketching in your Trapper Keeper pretending you were too busy to interact with others?

Well, let me tell you, being new virtually is way easier.

It is also way easier when you are under 10. How do I know this?

My family recently relocated. We timed the move to coincide with my oldest, LP, starting kindergarten. And let me tell you – she is rocking it! And I don’t just mean from an educational perspective. Within the first month I had a mom call to request a play date. Even my 3.5 year old, AK, who started at a new day care has been making friends and getting play date invitations!

And then there is me and my beloved, the Hoos. We are trying, kind of, to make new friends, but I think we are struggling to get off the ground. Before we moved our friends were (and still are!) parents we had met through the girls’ previous day care center. We had been there for 5 years and made some great friends and recognized many faces.

It doesn’t help that I am encountering fewer two-parent working families in our new community. I absolutely applaud anyone that stays at home full-time. I have nothing against them; but it is a fact that our lives are different. I can’t schedule weekday play dates at my home – because I am not there! This also constricts my ability to interact with other parents on the playground at the elementary school or at the day care center.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining. At least I have small children who get invited to birthday parties where parents are expected to hang out. That has offered me an in to meet some parents – even if we haven’t made the leap to actually get together. My sister-in-law has middle schoolers and her opportunities are even more limited.

So my question to you, fellow nutmeg state moms, is how do you meet people? What actions do you take to get out of your comfort zone and stop being a wallflower?


6 comments on “Must…Get…Off…Wall”

  1. Hi – Welcome! Well I am a Nutmeg state transplant too…originally from New Jersey and I have lived here for a little over 3 years now and to be honest still struggling to find female / Parent friends! My job is just at the job friends they are all near retirement age and well most dont have kids. I have 2 women I met through church but we live so far apart and our schedules are so different it is more of an online friendship. I work full time too and my little one isnt in day care so I am even more at a loss of meeting a friend or two here… I posted on this awhile back also. – I unfortunately will not be able to attend the gathering of bloggers this weekend – still getting over Pneumonia. But hopefully I will make the next one!

    I think its sometimes more difficult as we get older to make true friends!

  2. Great first post Amy. I sympathize with your situation. When we first moved to CT there was only ONE other working mother in our entire neighborhood, which made it difficult for me to bond with many of the women who lived around me.

    I have met some fabulous people through my daughter’s daycare and school. I have also met some fun people through work…any luck for you there?

    I’m certain this site will introduce you to some great people. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Welcome! I’ve met other parents through Saturday storytime at the library (though I always remember the kids’ names, not the parents’!). Another great way to meet people is to take a women’s fitness class. Of course, you can connect with all of us as well 🙂 Let us know what you need as you get settled!

  4. Welcome, Amy! We moved to CT 10 years ago…and it took us 3 years to make friends. LOL! That’s probably not helpful! What I (finally) did was go on-line and find friends that way. Is there something you have in families with other families? (Ours was homeschooling ~ again I’m sure not helpful!) We found a FANTASTIC family on-line and they’re in the town next door. It snowballed from there and now we have a fabulous little community. I’m sure you will find your new groove very soon, Sister! Love to you. 🙂

  5. Yay! Great first post! It is hard to meet people, so very true. But now you have us and I’m sure you’ll find friends through the site!! So happy to have you here.

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