Never Too Early to Think SUMMER!


It is frigid here in CT. I mean seriously cold. The Hoos just texted me that his car almost didn’t start.

And yet…I can’t stop thinking about summer.

It isn’t because I am dying for a vacation after two long holiday weekends in a row or because I am dreaming of warm summer days to replace the teen-degree weather. Rather, it is because I am stressing about camp!

Now that my oldest, LP, is in kindergarten, I no longer have the peace of mind that is day care. Day care didn’t have summer vacation. Day care barely had December vacation. Public schools, alas, do.

What is a working mom to do? Lose sleep over selecting a summer camp, for one.

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a summer camp, including:

  • What camp are her friends attending?
  • What kind of camp is it? A sports camp where they do a lot of sports or a focused camp (e.g., gymnastics or tennis)?
  • Is it full-time or will you have to pay extra for before and after care?
  • Is there bus service?
  • What do they do on rainy days? Are they even open on rainy days?
  • Will she learn how to swim? Play tennis? The rules of the game?
  • What is included? Lunch? Field trips?

And to add to all of the swirling questions, the other day LP asked,”Mom, what are my options for the summer?” As if she thought she actually had a say in any of it! Kidding! Kidding! She really did say that, but I fully did not expect a five year old to weigh in with an opinion!

As a planner mom, I would love to have all of this worked out and the paperwork signed, sealed and delivered as soon as possible. Apparently, the camps don’t have the same level of anxiety. So I am eagerly awaiting the camps to post the details of their summer programs. Word is this will happen sometime in late February or early March! ACK!

Unfortunately, the one thing I do know for sure is that a good portion of the money we were “saving” by only having one child in day care will be forced into action come June.

3 comments on “Never Too Early to Think SUMMER!”

  1. It’s summer in my part of the world now and I’m wishing I’d been better organised in the winter. Because our summer falls over the xmas/new year period it’s easy to forget about booking in for school holiday programs, which makes the work/holiday juggle difficult. Great tips and love your site.

  2. We’ve just launched a website called CampEasy ( that might be of some help. We’re currently focused on the DC area for daycamps, but we have sleep away camps all over the country (and more every day). We hope to have the NY/NJ/CT area covered in the next few months. If you sign up here (, you can let us know which camps you’d like us to make sure are present and available to search.

    Please stop by and let us know what you think!

  3. Oh my gosh, even though my babe is only 7 months old I have already been thinking about this very topic!! Besides the summer camp issue, in my town every single Wed. kids have a half day. What are working parents suppose to do?

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