I have two children. You  might not know that by reading any of my posts here, here or here. Because Max is the one with special needs, I find myself writing about him, and talking about him far more than my other child. Bennett. My baby that just transitioned to Preschool this week. Sniff.

I wished his infancy away. Because Max was only 22 months old when he was born, and we were (and are) still trying to figure out what all of Max’s needs were, I willed Ben to sit up, hold his own bottle and become independent much too quickly. Now, I can’t really remember what he was like as an infant and that makes me sad. I don’t know if he’ll be my last child, so I try to savor any last bit of babyhood or toddlerhood left in him. I carry him around far too much and let him hug his lovey just as long as he wants.

But oh my goodness this child is amazing. He ADORES his older brother and copies anything he does. He mimics his movements and his words. If Max says he’s finished and leaves the dinner table, Ben does too.

So in case I don’t mention him that often, here are some things I want everyone to know about Ben:

1. He’s the best kisser in the family. He makes the perfect pucker.
2. His favorite food is french fries, but he prefers to eat ketchup with a spoon like it’s its own side dish.
3. He loves television. Any show, any channel.
4. He has an eclectic taste in music ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Katy Perry or Pink, to Laurie Berkner.
5. He is a whizz at puzzles and can usually master them after doing them on his own only once. His ability to stick to a task makes my heart swell since it’s not something I’m particularly good at.
6. He is, and hopefully always will be, the best brother Max could have. No matter how many times Max bites, scratches or kicks him, or ruins his elaborate train structure, within minutes Ben is asking Max to play again.
7. He and Max do this funny thing where no matter which color spoon or cup you give them, they just automatically switch with each other. Even if I’ve asked them which color they want and they get that color, they always switch.
8. He started calling himself Benny.

3 thoughts on “Benny

  1. Oh! I LOVE the switch game they play ~ how wonderful!!! I have 3 boys and I ADORE the brotherly love ~ fighting like crazy one minute and then laughing together the next. Benny sounds like an AMAZING soul!


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