All Around the Mulberry Bush

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Have you ever found yourself on one side of a couch with a child on the other side?

Sometimes this is part of playtime and the 90 to 120 minutes of gross motor activity mentioned in the previous post, and sometimes it isn’t.

Lately, in my home, the furniture-centered stand-off is considered an “exercise” in patience – or futility. Only, maybe, the yoga breathing counts as a true exercise.

You see, my 5.5 year old, LP, has figured out that having furniture between us is a great act of defiance and self-protection. While she angrily refuses to do something (e.g., put on her coat and shoes so we can go and pick her little sister up from day care), she attempts to physically evade me.  If I do catch her and, for example, get her into the car to pick up her sister, she continues the “game” when we arrive at our destination by running from door to door within the car. So if I go to get her out of her side of the car, she runs to the other passenger door.

While I am not a big person (5 whole feet) and I could fit into the car, this does not seem like the right response for a number of reasons.Which is where you come in – how does one properly handle this without sinking to the level of a pint-sized tantrum thrower? And if the “proper” solution is not close at hand – how would you handle it?

1 comments on “All Around the Mulberry Bush”

  1. My little one is still really little but I already know that what your dealing with is going to really test my patience when she’s older! I already get annoyed when she rolls around on the changing mat when I’m trying to put her diaper on. Oy!

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