Pressure Cooker

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Before you read any further, answer the following question HONESTLY.

Which one of the following puts the most pressure on you:

  1. Society
  2. Children
  3. Spouse
  4. You

If you answered 1, 2, or 3, I hate to break it to you, but you are wrong.

Let’s face it, kids whine, they don’t apply pressure.

Husbands – if you married the right one – probably don’t much pressure you either, they may be needy, or they may rely on you to handle an overflowing plate, but pressure? Not really.

And as for society? Honestly, society doesn’t care so much. You are a nameless mom amongst millions of others. And there is some part of society that relates to you in some, way, shape or form.

Most moms, myself included, really expect more from ourselves than anyone else. Part of the challenge is that there is no “mom handbook”. No one told us what moms are responsible for. So we make it up. And, as we all know, if you are going to make something up, you might as well think BIG. Exaggerate. Also known as: TAKE IT ALL ON. Isn’t the old joke that a mom’s job description includes everything from poop scrubbing to doctor to bread-winner/maker?

Personally, I commonly say to myself in my head, “But, I’m the mom.” Sometimes it is an excuse for why I don’t even ask my husband to take a vacation day when one of the girls are sick; sometimes it is a sputter in response to my children blatantly ignoring me as I implore them not to do something dopey or dangerous.

But when it comes down to it – it is an excuse. An excuse for why I don’t delegate. Or ask for help. Everyday I try to remind myself that I am not in this alone. What other full-time job out there requires you to be a complete lone wolf? None. And neither does this one.

1 comments on “Pressure Cooker”

  1. Absolutely true! One of the things I’ve learned (after much trial and error) is allowing my husband to help HIS way, not MY way. THAT takes a lot of letting go on my part.

    And as a reforming control freak I’ve picked up this affirmation recently:” I now allow others to fully love and support me. ” It wasn’t an easy one to start saying but I say it daily MANY times a day to remind myself that I don’t have to do everything. It’s really, really, really helping me!

    Thank you for your honest post!

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