Freebie Friday! (This one’s for the girls)


Happy Freebie Friday all! As usual, simply post a comment on this blog to try to win this giveaway. Contest will be open all weekend and one winner will be selected Monday morning.

Today’s giveaway is special in that it’s just for one lucky little girl!

Nichole Rice, from Ashford, CT,  just loves making tutus. (For more proof check out her etsy shop!)

She got started making tutus when she needed a special gift for a little girl and her new baby sister. The matching tutus came out so beautifully, she just had to make more! Some people knit, crochet, or sew. . . . Nichole tutu’s.

She is a stay at home mom with a passion (or obsession her husband would say) for making tutus! Her house has tutus hanging everywhere and every little girl she knows has a few – and she just keep making more! Her 7-year-old son calls her tu-tu crazy.

She’s giving away this gorgeous Valentine’s tutu! She will custom make this so it will fit any size, infant and up! It will be made and shipped within 5 days so you’ll have it in plenty of time for a very special Valentine’s Day!

Post a comment to try to win this!

25 comments on “Freebie Friday! (This one’s for the girls)”

  1. Beautiful! My 4 year old will forever love me if she were to win this tutu. Of course I would have to buy a special leotard to match and fight with her at bed time when she’d have to take it off. Hmmm…. This might be more trouble than I thought!

  2. Beautiful work! I have a 3.5 yr old daughter who would be so ecstatic to have one of these and she very much appreciates when people make things!

  3. These are so cute! Wanted to comment, but we shouldn’t be put into the pool to win- Ava hates frills! She got a similar tutu for xmas and refuses to put it on! Ha!

  4. So cute! It’s great to have a reference for someone who makes tutus in Connecticut. I’m going to have my flower girls in my wedding wear tutus and need some made!

  5. Too cute! I’d love to know how to make them myself! It could be a fun hobby and my spirited, spunky 9 year old daughter would love them!

  6. I LOVE this! Just precious!!!!! It would be absolutely perfect for my daughter’s first Valentine’s day! Either way, I am checking out that etsy site!

  7. Ohhhhh this is amazing. I know a little girl I would give this to if I won. I gasped when I saw it…so adorable!!!

  8. LOVE THIS!!!! Claire would look SOO Super cute in it!! Although Danny might want one too! lol 🙂 They always want what the other one has!

  9. Love Love Love this giveaway!!! Always love putting tutus on Maggie and she needs a cute one like this for Valenties Day.

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