Happy Anniversary to Us!

February brings with it the 6 month anniversary of the CT Working Moms website! The site has done better than we could have ever imagined and we are so happy that you enjoy our content and posts. It’s been a really great 6 months and we’re excited for the next 6! Check out some detail about the development of our website:

So far:

We have 17 fabulous work-mom bloggers. (See them here)

  • We’ve put up 382 blog posts.
  • You’ve left 2,000 comments (we love your comments!)
  • We’ve had over 22,000 website hits.
  • There are 51 people subscribed to our site (meaning they get an email every time a new post goes up) (p.s. you know you want to subscribe too, like right now)
  • We’ve given away 52 freebies (mostly from CT based artisans) (another one coming this Friday!)

We were nominated for:

  • Best Local Mom Blog by Parents Magazine
  • Top 100 Mom Blogs by Babble.com

Our top 5 most viewed blog posts to date are:

The top 3 terms people used in search engines to find our site:

  1. green bean casserole (wow, you all really loved this one!)
  2. mom jeans (because that is one darn funny post!)
  3. ct working moms (classic)

Our Confess It Page has 50 confessions from our readers.

Weekly Columns:

Specialty Columns:

  • Cleaner Living (Written by Dena Fleno) This terrific column was recently featured by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – a big deal!

We’ve gathered information for you about many topics important to working moms including:

On a personal level, I have to say my favorite thing about the website so far are our terrific work-mom bloggers that write such great content. I love that our bloggers are honest about their feelings, honest about how it really is to be a working mom and I love the community we have started to create here in Connecticut.

Help us celebrate this milestone by leaving a comment and letting us know some of your favorite things about the website! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. congrats ctworkingmoms.com and to all of you who make it a great daily read! as a subscriber I love:
    -the variety of topics covered, from recipes and toxin awareness to real mom, honest stories
    -the diversity of perspectives your bloggers and commenters offer
    -the chance to win awesome local artisan products
    -the opportunity to feel like a part of a community that is dedicated to supporting moms and families of all types/walks/circumstances

    rock on.


  2. I loved seeing those stats! I’m proud of the site and what we’ve done. Thanks, Michelle, for the opportunity!

    Keep those comments coming!


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