A day in the life of a grad student Mommy!

A day in the life of a grad student Mommy…

YAWN! Morning comes at around 6:30. My husband gets ready while I feed the kids breakfast, then it's my turn. After we're ready, we each take a kid and get him dressed..and we're off! 🙂
I drop Nate off at preschool and Dave heads off to work. While Nate is away, Joshua enjoys some playtime on his own. Yay for no one knocking him over while he plays!
While Joshua revels in his "only child time", I cram in as much work for class as I can and eat the TRUE breakfast of champions: Nutella on toast with very strong coffee!
Time to pick Nate up from school! Brrr it's FREEZING.
Before lunchtime I cook dinner since I won't be home until well after Dave and the boys eat.
After dinner is cooked and in the fridge, I make lunch for the three of us. Peanut butter and jelly with pear slices...mmm.
We run some errands before I have to leave for class, and the boys pass out in their car seats. I get more reading done whilst sitting in the driveway. Exciting life, I know...haha 🙂
Grammy comes over (yay!) to watch the boys, and I'm off to grad school. Bye, guys! Be good! (Look at those faces...they totally KNOW they will get away with murder as soon as I leave, hahahaha...)
I need a pretty giant coffee to stay alert during class! I'm in my FINAL semester before my master's degree. I have to admit...part of me will miss class when my degree is finished. But a bigger part of me will like having my evenings free of research papers and journal articles.
Class is over, and I'm exhausted! And very super hungry! I'm pretty sure I spent the last 30 minutes of class thinking about penne with sauce and Italian chicken sausage. Mmmmm....pasta...(said like Homer Simpson). Time to head home.
So happy to see the boys!
My husband came home while I was in class and took over for my Mom, so he and the boys have already eaten, and even already had their nightly popsicles! The nerve! 🙂 I grab some dinner and usually eat it while nursing or supervising a very rowdy "brothers bath".
Bath, stories, jammies and bed time for the boys...
...and cleaning for me. Ugh. Dishes, laundry, etc...
Kitchen is clean, laundry is done, and I'm wiped out. I head up to bed where I catch up on some homework then pass out! Goodnight!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “A day in the life of a grad student Mommy!

  1. Oh, you’re so close to graduating! I LOVED grad school, and I also LOVED being done with it! lol!

    I planned our wedding and worked full-time while I was in grad school ~ sometimes I’d have 17 hour days…but all that seems like a cake-walk compared to doing it with kiddos! Props to you, Mama! 😉


  2. I, too sit in the car to let Nora sleep. No way am I waking that kid if I don’t have to! Thanks for sharing your day, I give you a lot of credit for beng in school with two young kids! Congrats on it being your last semester, hang in there!


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