A Day in the Life – of a Working Mom


The start to my day – hmmmm I would love for it to be much later than it is in fact this morning.  Little man has me up at 4:12am – I am groggy but I grab my camera / phone I have to preserve the memory I tell myself.     “Mommmmy” I hear over the monitor calling out to me, after a quick stop to pee myself, I enter his room – “I’m here River” – this is how he was standing in his crib (head down on his blanket waiting for me). Love his messy bed head look – hey some people pay big bucks for that look 🙂

                                                                                             Even too Early for him!!!

I change the reason for his early wake up call – a very wet diaper.  I go get him some milk in his sippy cup and try to lay him back down in his crib – no luck, he stands back up arms above his head while holding his blanket.  Okay… we will sit and rock for a little bit.  When I think he is asleep I gently place him back in his crib and  he stays asleep, YES! , I crawl back into bed. It’s now 4:42am ahhh I hopefully can get a few more moments of sleep – 7:10am – alarm goes off before baby????  What that rarely happens anymore.  As soon as my feet touch the floor my baby’s super power ears hear me and that little voice calls out “Mommmmeeee”   yep he heard the alarm too.  Diaper change again, out of his Pj’s

Okay it’s now about 7:45 am all dressed and just giving little man some Cheerios and raisins in his snack cup to hold him over till Daddy can make him breakfast.  Then there is the mad dash around the house for car keys, shoes –  little man likes to put them on over his slippers so sometimes they are not where you left them, fill up my coffee cup – 9 times out of 10 my darling husband makes us coffee, then it’s Hugs & Kisses for the Hubby and little man and well okay a few more hugs cause it’s so hard to go in the morning and now my husbands phone alarm is going off telling me I am late, out the door I go.   It’s now 8:15am and I am on my way to work with my hour drive ahead of me and it looks like I’m going to be about 15 mins late (again)   Have I mentioned before how much I HATE my commute???   It is a pretty drive down through the Naugatuck valley I love the mountains in the different seasons but it is really wearing on me, the car, the wallet with the gas and last but not least the extra time it sucks away from my family.

I get to work just shy of 9:15 and settle down at my desk read through the already long line of emails waiting for me and grab another coffee.  I just realized I forgot to mention my little man stays home with Daddy – he is our full-time care provider right now and I couldn’t be happier about that!  Sure a part of me wishes the tables were turned but it’s the cards we were dealt right now with our economy so it works for us.  Okay back to my routine – I’m surrounded by pictures of my loved ones, which really does help pass the day along.

Time seems to slip by finishing up some reports and gathering information and its lunch time 1:00pm – now I either could take a “at desk lunch” and get out of the office faster at the end of the day but some days – and today seems to be one of them – I have some errands to run. So I use my full lunch hour  to go grocery shopping – seems my little man is part monkey, we go through bananas like crazy, pick up some diapers, pick up pictures at Walmart and get back to the office.


Oh I decided to stop at the gas station too and pick up one of my little splurges – LOTTO tickets – hey you never know!

Okay back at the office in exactly an hour and uh oh I didn’t eat lunch – so frozen pizza and a banana it is for me at my desk!

I clear my head of the spinning errands list and get back to some work – basically I am the Middle Woman for a Corporate Sales team for Fedex I help manage the CT District Managers team by being there go to person. Okay I am an Admin but it’s not the lowest rung on the ladder and in fact a lot more of managing their information and making sure things get to where they need to go up the chain of command and our headquarters in Memphis…etc.  (lotto make sense now)  🙂

I take a moment to send my hubby some love and check in on the baby I send him the heart via text and he sends me back the picture of what little man is doing its now about 1:45pm.


Awww I could just cuddle right next to him – uhh phones ringing it’s a Sales Rep, one of my more demanding talk me off the ledge once a week Sales Reps.  After listening and giving my opinions the crisis (to him) has been diverted ahhh we can all breath and I can go back to dreaming of nap time with my baby.   Email – Urgent Report information from last quarter needed asap. Seems my nap will be interrupted LOL

3:55pm I remember I have to pee don’t remember if I even went since I have been at work – sometimes there are days like that so busy I forget to pee.  I enjoy my stroll down the hall  (picture not the best) to the bathroom and away from the office chatter of the other cubicle dwellers – ahhh what I would give to have a job where I could be outside “SOMETIMES”.

Look up from the clock it’s 4:58 – mad dash to finish up and get out of the office and into the car.  Driving home I usually hit more commuting traffic so that isn’t fun, but I use the time to catch up with my Mom and Dad who live in NJ.

I’m here I’m home it is such a peaceful feeling like ahhhh the days troubles are off my shoulder.

When I finally get into the house  it’s Mommy – mommy – mommy and then followed by a thousand and one things he needs to show and tell me…the names of toys, a truck, Elmo, Grover, books, it’s like this is what I touched, played with, looked at or ate today!  Broccoli is usually up at the top of that list along with yogurt and he always asks me for milk…sometimes he comes over to me still but I quickly remind him it’s in a cup now.    Ahhh I just Love him to pieces! But sometimes a mom just needs a nap after work.

My husband starts dinner (we take turns in that department) I’m grateful tonight I get to sit and read some books to little man while dinner is cooking other wise it would be me at the stove and a teary eyed little boy crying his eyes out for some reason that is a trigger for him.  I think it’s you’ve been gone all day please spend some time with me.  At least that is what I would like to believe.   After dinner I clear the plates we take turns there too, usually the other cleans up.  It is some how now almost 8pm  little man gets to wind down a bit and then we head to the bathtub – and he requests “Bubbles and ducks” .  I seem to get as wet as he does somehow during bath time.   (that’s Daddy’s hand next to him while I snap the picture)

PJ’s on, milk cup in hand, Pacifier (it’s not a binky in our house) in hand and my son is calling to daddy to come sit as a family as we do almost every night to read him books before bed.    * Side note we are soon going to tackle the good-bye to the pacifier – could be a post very soon*   Books read and baby and I rocking in chair till he is almost asleep – I make it out of the room and it is about 9pm now.    Pick up a load of laundry to toss in and go and flop on the couch next to my hubby all I want to do is cuddle and watch the flickering box with some show I really don’t have to concentrate on but will make me laugh – Big Bang Theory will do.   I wanted to insert a picture of my Hubby and My feet here up on the ottoman with the TV flickering in the distance but I forgot to take the picture so you will have to imagine it!

It’s now about 11:15 and I walk upstairs with the clean and folded laundry and get ready for bed… hubby lets the dog out one last time, the cat jumps up on our bed and I basically fall into bed too.   Uhhh not tonight dear I’m tired! – well… maybe… I mean we need to keep the relationship alive right  (wink wink)  🙂

Hope you enjoyed a day in my life – wish it could have been more exciting or eventful… but it was a pretty typical day.

7 comments on “A Day in the Life – of a Working Mom”

  1. Such a busy busy day Joy!!! It is so nice that after all the business of the day you can relax and spend time with the people who love you most… I love that you three read together at bedtime…. soooo special ❤

  2. It’s so funny that we think our days are boring! I am tired reading all of our posts lol! Your son is so adorable! He looks just like you 🙂

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