Family Trip – Part I


It has been a few years since my husband and I started talking about taking the BIG family vacation with the kids.  Outside of the cruise we all went on for my husband’s family reunion in 2010, we have not taken a vacation for longer than a four-day weekend.  Finally, this year is the year and we are going to Disney World in June.  I know it’s going to be hot, especially in Florida, but compromise needed to be made.  Due to my work obligations, I could not get time off in April during the school spring break and my husband did not want to keep our daughter out of school for a week in May. 

Now that the date is set, here is my dilemma, planning.  I’m going to admit it; I have the hardest time with making certain decisions on my own, especially if I have a lot of choices in front of me.  Everyone under the sun has given me advice: where to stay, how to get there, and how much money it should cost.  I am so confused I don’t know where to start.  I do appreciate the advice, but I almost want to say, “ok, here is my budget, book it for me.”  With that said, anyone know of a good travel agent?

The first big decision is: do we fly or drive down to Orlando.  We have two kids who in June will be almost seven and three.  Will they be able to handle a 24 hour car ride?  Our rational: we have a brand new mini van that we bought precisely for these types of trips.  The car has a DVD player for the kids’ enjoyment and we are not restricted on how much luggage we can take with us.  On the other hand a flight is only three hours and we would be there in no time, but then we might need to rent a car.

The second big decision is where to stay.  Do we want to stay on Disney property or near by?  With time flying by I need to start making reservations as soon as possible.  My goal is to get the best deals and ensure we receive everything we want to make this trip special for us and our kids. 

Stay tune for Part II, Planning in Progress.

2 comments on “Family Trip – Part I”

  1. As someone who has driven to FL bunches of times as a child…FLY 🙂

    The drive DOWN is ok…not terrible and you’re excited to go on vacation, etc. The drive back is another story. You’re tired, the kids are off their schedules and cranky, and it’s horrible. So I would definitely fly if I were you.

    I agree with the above comment about staying on the property. I haven’t been to Disney in over 10 years, but we stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort probably 3 times and it was amazing every time. Clean, shuttle to every park, kid-friendly food, 7 pools, a waterslide…awesome.

    Now I want to go, too, after writing this….have fun!!! Keep us posted!!

  2. My kids had their first plane trip last March for a trip to Disney – they were 4 and 2 at the time. And they were so incredible on the plane. It was part of the whole experience for them.

    We stayed on the Disney property and so we did not need to rent a car. They pick you up the airport, drive you to your hotel have round the clock shuttles from hotel to parks. Disney does a great job of making it easy.

    With the price of gas, I wonder what the cost difference would really be between flying and driving?

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