Magical Monday!


Happy Monday morning fabulous mommas! Our usual columnist Kate Street wasn’t able to do today’s Magical Monday post because the stomach flu has hit her household, big time. So, I’m filling in for her to keep the magic flowing! (Sending love to you Kate!)

I don’t know about you but the recent weather makes me feel a lot more magical. Something about it being light out later in the evening, being able to once again take the baby for stroller walks and the pure magic of watching my little girl play on the swings all puts me in such a good mood!

My magic:

*Going on a hike with my hubby and baby girl yesterday. She loves being outside more than anything!

*Loving having weekends off with my family – I get so much more time with my hubs than I use to and it’s terrific.

*Inviting my parents up for a visit this coming weekend and hearing the pure joy and excitement in my moms voice.

*A big work event being over and feeling like I can finally tackle the rest of my to-do list. Phew!

*Getting a special gift from a special person on Sat (you know who you are! xoxo)

*Waking up every day with incredible excitement about seeing the Hunger Games this week with Dena!

Let me know, what’s your magic?! What are you grateful for today? Post away!

7 comments on “Magical Monday!”

  1. Michelle ~ thank you SO MUCH for filling in for me! We are on the upswing here, though it amazes me how I need about 48 hours to recover from the 24 hour flu. Love you, Sister. 🙂

  2. My magic:

    *Having the opportunity to join and contribute to the CT Working Moms family. LOVE it! You mamas are awesome!

    *Playing outside with my daughter. I completely agree with you on the weather! Bye bye cabin fever! 🙂

    *Finding a picture of my daughter from last spring on her swing and comparing it to the one I just took of her in her swing last week – WHAT A CHANGE! It totally reminded me to savor every minute because she is growing so fast!

    1. We love having YOU as part of our CT Working Moms family Carly! Your first create it saturday post was such a hit! Can’t wait to read your next one.

  3. You’re so right about the weather…it just makes everything feel better doesn’t it? My magic this Monday:
    – the boys ate breakfast and got dressed without fighting us…that’s pure bliss
    – we had to wait in the car until The Black Keys song was over…I love that my kids love “real” music
    – we’re making real progress on our house and are just about ready to put it on the market
    – I have a really really great family willing to help whenever needed (see above bullet 🙂 )

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