Moving with Kids

We’re putting our house on the market this week. We’ve been doing lots of prep work every weekend for the past few months and we’re finally ready for the For Sale sign. I am absolutely dreading this process. We’ve already tucked most of the boys toys neatly in the basement and cleaned out all the closets. We’ve painted, we’ve replaced counter tops and we’ve even arranged for our dog to spend time with family so we don’t have to worry about what to do with him during showings. But, I have no idea how I’m going to keep up with the housekeeping. I’m a generally neat person, but my house definitely isn’t show ready every morning when I leave. Chances are there are dishes in the sink, unmade beds and laundry in need of being put away.

I’ve read some articles on prepping kids to move, so I think I know how to prepare my kids emotionally for the move. But I need someone to prepare me for the selling process? I need some tips on selling a house with two small children underfoot. How did you do it? What were some of your tricks?

2 thoughts on “Moving with Kids

  1. I think the above tips are excellent. I especially think the cleaning service, if you can swing it, sounds like an excellent idea that I wish I had done when we sold. I sold my house when Nate was almost 1 and it was really hard. UGH. If you have family nearby (we had my parents) you can bring toys there for “storage”…that would be easier than REAL storage because they know they can go to whomever’s house and play with them. Then again, as someone who also LOOKED at many houses when my oldest son was almost 1, we never cared at all about unmade beds and dishes. We knew those would be gone when the sellers moved, haha…only to be replaced by our own unmade beds and dishes in the sink 🙂 By the way…love the photo haha…good luck!!


  2. My house has been on the market for months and I have two little kids too….here are some tips. Hopefully it your house will sell more quickly than mine!
    #1 – Paper plates/plastic utensils – I know it’s not eco friendly but using disposable stuff in the kitchen makes for much easier clean up when you need to get out the door in the morning. I don’t use them every day, but on days when I’m rushed, they are my go-to.
    #2 – Use your trunk – I’ve been known to toss baskets of laundry and bulky toys in the trunk of my car when I just don’t have the time to put them away before a showing.
    #3 – Get a cleaning service – ours comes every two weeks and it’s money well spent, I still need to vacuum, dust and sanitize in between the cleaning service visits but they take care of the heavy duty cleaning.
    #4 – Place flowers, scented candles and bowls of pretty fresh fruit all around the house to distract from any clutter. I think if a home smells good and has pretty elements throughout people will forgive you for having toys on the floor. Good luck!


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