Coming Back

Some readers here may remember me as a contributor last fall, and some may not.

I wanted to post a short introduction and apologize for my lack of involvement over the past six months. When Michelle contacted me about writing here I was so excited. I jumped on board on top of my other writing responsibilities until my sister got sick and passed in October. I couldn’t really bring myself out of the funk of grief to deal with anything other than my family and work.

Six months later I am so proud to see where all the amazing working moms have brought this blog and I am excited to jump back on board to be a part of this great community. For those of you who don’t know me… I am Danielle Elwood a twenty something mother of three from the Fairfield County area. I am a full time blogger for the popular parenting website and I also write my own site and I own and operate my own social media consulting firm One Mom Digital Media.  Many of you may know me from the Nurse-In at the Trumbull Mall last spring as well.

I am a work at home mom which is a little different from some of the other working moms here, but work is work right? We are all over worked and under paid! I have been toying around with the idea of leaving the working out of the house world and heading back into an office as my youngest child rounds out the first year of her life. I miss being in an office setting. I miss feeling important on another level. I just miss it as a whole.

Some days I find myself jealous of my husband when he leaves the home and heads out to work for the day. He leaves the house and can work in peace while the kids are with me. While they hang off the furniture and fight each other tooth and nail over anything and everything. One day I would just love a full day of peace and quiet.

I like to stay active in the community here in Connecticut and have been active with politics in my local community as well.  I am a pro-choice, liberal democrat. Not really that surprising here in Connecticut though. In fact I was active with Planned Parenthood before I had children of my own and that is originally where I met Michelle!

Long story short – this is who I am, I am back, and so excited to be contributing again!

I look forward to the upcoming months!

5 thoughts on “Coming Back

  1. Danielle, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. Sending much PEACE to you.
    Welcome back. I’m at home with my 3 kiddos all day so I hear you. Looking forward to more of your posts.


  2. Welcome back! And as a note for our readers – we don’t get into partisan politics here on the blog – some of us are dems, some are republicans and others are independents 🙂


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