But You Don’t NEED a Cleaning Lady

On an average day I wake up and realize I am already late for everything I need to do for the day. Rush to get the children out of bed and ready to drop off at school/daycare. The process of getting out the door with three kids all ages four and under isn’t as easy as most would think but I will leave that for another post on another day.

Once we are in the car everyone gets strapped in and off we go. We get there and I pile everyone back out of the car and drop them off, sign them in, all that fancy fun shit daycare requires us to do in an attempt to keep track of all the kids they have there. Then comes theslight moment of peace as I walk out the door and head back to the car with only one child.  The easiest one of them all.

The Dunkin’ drive through is on the way home and then my morning consists of work and praying to the god of work-at-home-moms that my daughter will cooperate for the four hours her brothers are someplace else. Most mornings she is an angel, sitting and playing in her playpen or bedroom with her toys until she gets tired and crashes, often while playing with her toys…. See Exhibit A below.

Cute?  Yup! I thought so too!

During this time I either lock myself in my office or use my laptop in the living room praying I can get every shred of work I have on my to-do list for the day done. Work wise. Not the mountain of laundry that is eating the boy’s bedroom closet or the garbage in the kitchen that has had to go out for two days. Just the work stuff that must get done.

No work = No pay.

I am sure you get that picture.

Just around the time I am wrapping up all I had to do in between being Mommy to the smallest Elwood, it is about time to go and pick the older kids up from school. I often double check if my clocks are working properly because it never feels like the full four hours.

Typically afternoons are for snacks, activities, chores outside the home that need to get done and of course cleaning.

Cleaning… the bane of my existence. Something that has always been like pulling teeth. Ask my mom… she will tell you, I have never been a cleaner!

Laundry is  no big deal, the washer does all the work. Dishes don’t bother me too much as long as all I have to do is push the button to start the dish washer. I know I am starting to sound lazy but for-real… I have three kids!

Then I have to start to think about dinner, the dreaded D word. Which often sends me so over the edge combined with my cleaning to-do list that we end up going out for dinner and then I scrap everything left on my cleaning list. This is a pattern that happens at least 3-4 times a week.

I figured out a solution to the problem. A cleaning lady. Not a maid, or a nanny. Not someone that is in my house daily.Believe me though, if I could afford one I would have one! But someone who comes once a week or once every two weeks and cleans for me. Not the little things I can actually handle without going postal, but the stuff like mopping, dusting, windows… the shit that goes ignored because mommy is way too busy.

I bought this idea up to my husband and of course in his supportive manner he said we would talk about seeing if it could fit into our budget. But outsiders – man are they fucking brutal!

Why do you need a cleaning lady? You are a stay-at-home-mom!”

“Its not like you work outside the home!”

Are you that lazy?”

Yup – that is it!  You got me!

I am lazy! That is the root of my entire problem!

Three busy kids with three busy schedules and I am just lazy.


No, I would just like to sleep again sometime this century or actually have a whole half hour for myself without worrying about Benjamin’s lunch for the next day or Camden’s fire trucks being all over the house. If I worked outside the home, the idea wouldn’t have been half as laughable but because I work in the home its the end of the damn world. Come on people!

5 thoughts on “But You Don’t NEED a Cleaning Lady

  1. Go for it. I want to get one, not for me but to help my husband, he is amazing and does so much around the house. Someday I will blog about how wonderful he is to me and our children.


  2. I can’t express how much I LOVE my cleaning lady. I don’t know what I would do without her…she makes my life sooooo much easier. Good for you! You enjoy EVERY moment of NOT cleaning 🙂


  3. Good for you, Mama!!!! I’m at home with my 3 kids too and we’ve had a cleaning lady since my first was 4 months old ~ it’s ABSOLUTELY the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Like your, ours comes every other week. Just twice a month is all I need to have her come to keep my sanity. I often say her job security is NEVER a question ~ I’d give up groceries before I give her up! As Dena said, screw those people who give a crap..EVERYONE wants a cleaning lady!

    (And I have to add, I’m LIKIN’ the introduction of profanity here ~ ’cause YES, Mamas swear too! Keepin’ it real!)


  4. We had a cleaning lady for a year come every other week, and it was PURE BLISS! We had to cut it out of the budget for a little while, but we are at the point where I’m starting to consider it again. She was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Notice all the exclamation points). The only thing that sucked was the night before she came. We had to clean up all the shit on the floor and counters, and I had to put away clothes… I didn’t want anyone seeing my house like that! LOL…. but she did the grunt work that I hate, the bathrooms, the floors, dusting mopping, counters, oven! I never clean the oven! $60 every 2 weeks and I loved it!

    And screw those people who give you crap… they know they want a cleaning lady too.


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