Moms Gone Wild

I have to admit, before parenthood I was a wild child. Tattoos, piercings all over the place and my hair was never a normal color. As I got older and realized I couldn’t work at Hot Topic all my life, and the Indian Motorcycle dealership I worked at went under I stripped my hair back to brown and took out all the piercings in my face. It was a sad day, but I didn’t look back.

Now I am going through a Mom-Life crisis. I look at old pictures and in an attempt to reclaim a little bit of my youth I want to rebel. Of course I am not going to go out and invest in facial piercings my daughter will only attempt to rip out while playing with me, but pink is the word on the street.

What do I mean by pink?

Pink HAIR!

I figured it is summer time and I work from home so why not?
Live a little and make my kids think I am some form of cool since recently I really have lost my cool mom status according to my four year old. Four year old’s today!

Thus far since I returned home from the salon yesterday afternoon I have seemed to get rave reviews. My husband couldn’t really care less what I do with my hair as long as I am happy with it, and the kids, well… I guess it wasn’t bright or crazy enough for them because they barely noticed.

As for my friends, everyone thinks it looks kick ass. Which is exactly what I was going for… Kick-ass cool mom hair.

So I just have to get out there and ask… Moms!  Especially those who work outside of the home.
What do you do when you get the itch to do something wild and crazy like this?

Do you work in an office that would accept a little extreme hair coloring?
Or do you have to run out and and get a tattoo you could hide?

8 thoughts on “Moms Gone Wild

  1. I’m loving you brave mommas! And Danielle, I’m loving the pink. I say, why not go for it. Tattoos and piercings are becoming more and more acceptable these days.

    Generally, in the food industry, jewelry of any kind is a no-no (who wants to bite down on someone’s lost piercing in their food, yuck!). I’m fortunate enough to be in a job where my boss does not mind my nose ring, although I imagine anything more “out there” would be frowned upon. If I move on from my job, chances are the nose piercing isn’t going to fly.

    I was all about the piercings in college (I’ve since taken out all but the one in my nose and one in each ear) but haven’t yet ventured into tattoos–but I’m planning my first for this summer!


  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! I had a purple streak in my hair a couple of years ago, but it washed out rather quickly and has been a blonde streak instead. The next thing I REALLY want to to is put some hair tinsel in ~ I ordered some in pink and just have to find someone who knows how to do it (’cause I certainly don’t). It’s a call I plan on making in the next week!


  3. Danielle, this looks awesome, and I agree, pink seems to be IT this summer! Way to be on trend! And Marie? We need PICS of this new look on you! Anyone who’s seen my Pinterest boards lately knows I’m also considering ombre highlights, but I only ever see it looking fabulous on wavy hair; never straight like mine. So I need some more convincing before I take the plunge.

    I’ve never been too adventurous with the piercing or tattooing and can’t claim I have anything other than my ears pierced. Maybe our next working moms gathering needs to be at a hair salon or tattoo shop 🙂


    1. Christa- i have dark brown hair and the ombre highlights are subtle, and at the bottom layer of my layered hair. At my next appointment in another 3 weeks, i’m going to have my stylist give me an all over foil in a lighter brown/blonde color. my friend calls it, “BRONDE” Brown/Blonde!


  4. love love love!! not only did i get myself some ink a few months ago, but this weekend i came home from the salon with a shorter more layered hairstyle, and…. OMBRE highlights!! i actually just called my hairdresser yesterday to tell her how much i love the new look, and that i’m coming back in 3 weeks to get a more bolder blonde foil all over. in love!


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