This is me (Dena).

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Keeping the “This is me” theme going from Stephanie’s post.
1.   I have apologized to my mom numerous times for anything I ever put her through.  Payback is a bitch and now I know the meaning of, “Wait till you are a parent.”
2.   I ran a home daycare when I was pregnant with my son until he was 20 months old.
3.   I had to find a job outside of the home before I went insane.
4.  I cried for 2 hours after my son’s first daycare drop-off.  When my daughter went to daycare at 9 weeks old, I didn’t cry at all and felt guilty about it.
5.    I breastfed my son until he was 17 months old and only stopped because I had to have a scan done that required shooting dye through my body.  Again, I cried.  I breastfed my daughter for 8 months when she weaned herself and I was relieved to stop pumping and have my body back, though I sometimes felt guilty for wanting to stop.
6.   I considered cloth diapers for all of 2 seconds.  I have gagged through almost every poopy diaper and am thankful to throw it in the trash and never think about it again.
7.   I have millions of pictures of my son.  I have thousands of pictures of my daughter.  I haven’t printed a damn one of them out since she was born.
8.   I need change, often.  My husband, kids, and job have somehow survived my “rearrangement” urges many times.
9.   Until recently I couldn’t remember what my natural hair color was (see constant need for change).
10.   I like wine.
11.   I am a feminist, and believe that all women have the right to live the life they choose and that we shouldn’t be forced to fit into some sort of mold as to what a woman should be like.
12.   I like getting dressed up, like really high heels, and I like wearing makeup!  I never quite feel ready to walk out the door without at least mascara on.
13.  I love to cook and could probably win the Food Network shoe, Chopped, but I HATE cleaning and HATE folding laundry.
14.    I could eat sushi almost every day and even ate sushi while pregnant.
15.   I strive to balance the good for you with the bad for you in life.  We eat as much organic foods as possible, but my kids eat fast food about once a week.  I worry about chemical exposure in just about every product I use for my family, but I don’t sanitize the house every second and my kids have eaten their fair share of dirt.
16.   I fed my kids homemade baby food long enough to rule out allergies and then fed them “big people food” immediately.  We’re Italian, there is only so long you can eat mushed peas before you point to the Prosciutto and sign for more.
17.   I like wine. Like, a lot.
18.   Sometimes it takes all my strength to get out of bed.
19.   I love my family, but sometimes I just need some time away from them.
20.   I often fear that I am doing it all wrong and my kids will hate me when they are older.
21.   I yell way too often and am trying to be better at communicating with my kids.
22.   I sneak into my kids rooms at night just to see their sleepy baby faces.
23.   I would drop everything tomorrow and move back to NH to be closer to family.
24.   I am loyal to a fault sometimes.  I forgive easily.  I forget almost nothing.  I love unconditionally.
25.   Did I mention I like wine?
 This is my life, and though there are some things I would change (Hey Ava, SLEEP IS GOOD!!!!), these three make up my whole world!

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