The Luckiest


The title of this post is an ode to my wedding song because today is my anniversary. In light of that, I wanted to take this opportunity to share how my husband makes me feel like I truly am the luckiest.

  • I always get to be in charge of the remote…even when there is a big game on TV
  • He is the primary meal maker in the house. It started when I was pregnant…5 years ago, but he hasn’t let up
  • He indulges my need to have the perfect outfit for any situation and always lets me shop without feeling guilty
  • He is always the designated driver…because after one glass of wine, I would not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle
  • He stays level-headed when I have my many, many breakdowns about Max’s needs
  • He is a good hugger
  • He does his best to make it home in time for dinner with the family, even though it means he has to finish up work at night
  • He loves “football snacks” as much as I do (the difference being I could care less about football)
  • He is very outgoing and likes to put himself in new situations. I am not and do not, but try in order to make him happy and am ALWAYs glad I did
  • He thinks I’m pretty even though I’ve put on *ahem* a “few” pounds since we got married
  • He stepped up and took care of everything both times I was pregnant because I was so sick
  • He is very, very patient
  • He is an extremely loyal friend
  • He likes to explore new places with me
  • He does as much of the parenting as I do. We truly are equal partners

Even though he carries the weight of our family, you’d never know it. This particular working mom couldn’t do it without her working partner; the few weeks a year that he travels makes that extremely evident. So I want to say thank you and happy anniversary. I am the luckiest.

8 comments on “The Luckiest”

  1. Is that The Luckiest by Ben Folds? Ahh I have goosebumps just thinking of it, what a cool wedding song. Ours was Bright Side of the Road …;-)

  2. Love this post! Thanks for reminding us to take a minute to think about what our partners bring to the table too. So important!

  3. I should add I ALSO love that you cannot driver after a glass of wine…because I am in the same boat…

  4. “A loving heart
    A helping hand
    And he can cook!
    My kind of Man! 

    I have this hanging in my kitchen.  God bless the husband who does his share…and thinks we’re beautiful on top of it!  

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