This is Me! (Sofia)

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This is me!!!  In no particular order below is a list of things about myself.  My family and friends know how I am, but going more public is nerve-racking.   

  1. I never thought that I was going to have children; patience is not one of my virtues. 
  2. I tried breastfeeding with both my kids.  Lasted two months with my daughter and only one month with my son.  I never produced enough for either of them and had to supplement with formula anyway.  I love the freedom formula feeding gave me.
  3. I started feeding baby food when Lana & Caleb were 4 months
  4. I sometimes believe children should be seen and not heard, after 7pm it’s mommy time.  That means you can be in your room watching TV, relaxing, playing, or reading a book until bed time at 8pm.
  5. Other people’s children sometimes irritate me.
  6. I yell a lot, I don’t think it’s a good thing.
  7. I don’t believe in buying gifts for my children’s birthdays or Christmas until they are older. Other people give them enough stuff.  Plus my husband and I buy them things all year around.
  8. I don’t preach to my kids, but lead by example.  My children learned their manners because I show them manners.  Please and Thank you are used all the time in my house.
  9. Before I had kids I felt that kids should never sleep in your bed.  After I had kids I sing a different tune. My daughter had no issues sleeping on her own; my son comes to my bed every night at around 1am.
  10. Both Lana and Caleb were front-facing as soon as they turned one; their weight was never an issue.
  11. I have no problem leaving my kids overnight, my husband feels Caleb is too young.
  12. I dread potty training Caleb, he is two and a half and Lana was already potty trained by this age.
  13. My kids eat too much pasta and not enough vegetables.
  14. I’m ok in sending the kids to elementary school in my town but will have to either move or send them to privet school starting with the middle school.
  15. English is my second language but I never tote my children to speak Russian.
  16. I have been bringing my daughter to get her mani/pedi done since she was four.  I don’t bring her every time but probably once every 2 to 3 months.  It’s our little mommy and daughter time.
  17. I have been traveling with my kids since they were born. If I wanted to go visit my cousin inPennsylvaniaor my friend inBoston, I would just pack up my kids and go all by myself.
  18. I wish I was more like my mom and yet I wish I was not like my mom. (I hope you know what I mean)
  19. I don’t read to my kids, though I thinking reading is really important.  My husband reads to them.
  20. My husband is the “better” parent. 

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