This is me. (Sarah Bernhardson)


This is me. (Sarah Bernhardson).

1. I have eaten, or am prepared to eat, almost every word I’ve ever spoken about motherhood.

2. Related to #1, I sometimes allow Nate to eat things I swore my kids would never eat…donut holes, artificially colored popsicles, greasy take-out pizza, chicken nuggets with a gallon of ketchup…ugh.

3. Even more horrifying, my almost 1 year old has tried, and loved, a donut hole.

4. …Generally though, I try to feed my kids healthy, organic foods.

5. I nursed Nate for 16 months, but I am counting the days until Joshua is 1 and I can finally be done nursing. I am sick of it. I want to wear sundresses and not have to think “can I nurse in this?” every morning when I get dressed.

6. Nate has an elaborate “baby’s first year” scrapbook…Joshua has nothing. Nada. Squat. Barely even a printed photograph. I plan to rectify this during the summer. I am ashamed.

7. I could never do cry-it-out. I tried with both boys out of desperation, and I caved both times. It didn’t feel right to me, and I couldn’t own it, so I am still getting up a couple of times a night with Joshua (almost 1).

8. Nate is an amazing sleeper at 3 years old which gives me hope for Joshua. He sleeps in his own bed, goes to sleep on his own, and wakes up happy.

9. I recently finished grad school, and I really miss having my own non-kid related life.

10. I am thrilled to start applying for jobs and actually use the degree I worked so hard for.

11. I live in fear of gaps in my resume.

12. It’s important to me that my boys see me as someone with a career and life outside of the home.

13. Being home full-time since finishing school has made me go almost completely insane.

14. I wish I lived at the beach.

15. I wish I had a frozen margarita.

16. I wish I could get the motivation to get back into shape so I wouldn’t be a mess at said beach with said margarita.

17. I always thought I wanted 4 kids…until I had one and realized how much WORK they are!!!

18. I am excited for my 1 year old to become more of a toddler and less of a baby.

19. I really think toddlers are more fun that babies. Babies stress me out.

20. I want my boys to be able to cook their own food, clean up their own messes, and pursue anything that they’re interested in.

13 comments on “This is me. (Sarah Bernhardson)”

  1. Fun post Sarah. As for the scrapbooking thing, I found an easier but less pretty solution. I bought one of those accordion file folders from Staples for each kid and labeled each section with the year (2012 etc.). I literally just toss stuff in there that I think they might like (tickets from a baseball game, boarding pass from first plane ride). It’s not organized other than by year but it’s easy to keep track of. I also created photo books (when Snapfish has a sale) of each year…each boy gets the same book since I really have most pictures of them together. I have yet to make the 2011 one but I’ll get there.

  2. Great post! Everyone has a perfect plan for raising kids that somehow gets revised starting with the trip home from the hospital!!! It’s not too late to have a Margarita on the beach, summer is here!

  3. I’m the second of two girls and I have to say, there are NO pictures of me as a baby. Seriously, I’ve seen like maybe one in my parents’ house. I’ve always been keenly aware of that and didn’t want to do that with my second son. I’m also a shutterbug, though, so I think I’ve more than made up for it — I’ve taken 2500 pics of my kids in 2012 already and I recently discovered that I have over 27,000 pics on my KodakGallery account. I think my kids will be the best-documented children in history. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh!!! hahahahahaha. They sound like they will be well-documented for sure 🙂 I will have to bump the “Make the baby a scrapbook” up a few rungs on my long to-do list for this summer. I think it will need to be #1 so I don’t make the mistake of slighting my poor baby!

  4. Love this and I think most of us are guilty of #1. As much as we want them to eat better then us it’s hard to not at least let them try the things we love/use to love.
    #6 is a fear I have. With our first we went to regular photo sessions and I made the “first year” scrapbook as well. Eventually we will have a second (maybe a third….maybe) and I fear I will not print our the pics, take as many, etc. I will do my best but who knows. With the life of electronics and FB it seems many get taken and put there, but actually printing them and putting them in a book, well thats another story.

    1. It’s so hard!!! I actually scheduled Joshua’s 1 year portraits for this Friday because the poor kid needs something! I vow to make him a really nice scrapbook this summer. I feel so bad every time I see Nate’s on the shelf!

  5. Haha! I love your humor Sarah! And I like margaritas too! I have found that the things that I swore the kids wouldn’t have somehow make their way into sometimes foods, and that Ava had them at a much younger age than Miles. While Miles thought that Baby Mum Mum’s were cookies until he was 2, Ava knew what they were at 7 months. Whatevs, I gues that will be the perk of being second, Mommy and Daddy are too worn out to say no as often… Ha!

    1. Hahahaha- yup we are in the same boat. Nate would get a teaspoon of organic vanilla ice cream…Josh has had more ice cream than most 5 year olds in his first year. He had Pinkberry at…5 months. Gasp!!!

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