The Sock Monster


Does anybody else lose socks in their house? 

It’s so bad for me that I swear there must be a sock-eating gremlin living inside my washing machine.  This has always been a problem for me so much that for as long as I can remember, I have had a basket that sits on top of the dryer for stashing socks without a match until their partner turns up….or until I give up because the other sock has been missing for so long.

The sock problem has only gotten worse since tiny feet started pittering and pattering through our home and as a busy working mom, I don’t really have any extra time to search under beds and behind furniture for missing booties.

Until now, I have resorted to just buying more socks for the girls when enough socks go missing but lately, I’ve been thinking that there must be a better way.  I could put my daughters in mismatched socks, which I think is technically pretty cool right now based on what I have seen my friend’s 7 year old wearing on her feet.  Unfortunately, this just doesn’t work for me.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and even vetoed my husband’s choice of barrette for my 17 month old this morning.  Sorry honey but pink and navy just don’t coordinate well with red and black.  Love you though.

And then, like magic, some great ideas to help tame the sock monster living in my basement showed up in my Facebook newsfeed earlier today thanks to my clicking the like button for Babies R Us.

Apparently, May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day.

Who knew they had such a thing?!

By reading the comments to the Babies R Us Facebook post mentioned above, I learned that some moms keep tiny socks from disappearing by using a safety pin to clip them together before washing.  I like this idea but personally, I am going to take what appears to be the most common advice given by moms, which is to get myself a mesh zippered laundry bag (like the kind typically used for washing lingerie) and wash and dry our socks inside the bag.  This should also solve the annoying problem of socks getting caught near the dryer door which often leaves them damp.  I am going to take one clever mom’s advice and use the mesh bag for baby bibs too once my new son arrives, which will keep the velcro ends from getting stuck on our other clothes.

So throw out those old unclaimed socks and dig out that lingerie bag (which probably hasn’t been getting much use anyway) and if you have had time to wear something racy or lacy since giving birth, well lucky you!

4 comments on “The Sock Monster”

  1. I thought I commented on here some time ago, but I would love some feedback on my book from you sock lovers :-). I can set up a free code for you to view it.

  2. Little Miss Mismatched is a very hip company that ONLY sells socks in sets of three and all socks can be intermingled. They are really great quality. Parker is wearing a pair of knee highs with a denim skirt today! 🙂

    1. I never heard of Little Miss Mismatched so just checked it out and love love love those socks. I think I might order some for my little one and myself as well. They are so cute and fun.
      Thanks for the info.

  3. This happens to me ALL the time Patty! Seriously! I was just thinking yesterday about how I had tons of socks for Lills and now I’m struggling to find ANY. So annoying!

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