This Is Me: Mary Grace


In parenting, and in life, this is me:

I had a c-section. I pretty much had every pain med imaginable and after the epidural, I told the anesthesiologist that I loved him.

My child wore Fuzzibunz cloth diapers until she was 16 months. Then I stopped because the diapers weren’t absorbent anymore and I hate doing laundry.

I had a good religious upbringing. I bring my daughter to Church, even though she is a terror, and I hope to raise my daughter to have a strong faith in God.

I am bi-lingual and hope to pass more than just Italian swear words on to my daughter (Sorry, God).

I LOVE my mom and hope to be half the mother she was/is to me.

We started a college savings plan for our daughter before we were engaged. This only happened because I’m married to a financial advisor.

I don’t leave the house without eyeliner, blush, and at least 1″ heels.

I love the toddler years more than the infant stage.

I am a breastfeeding mama 🙂

I laugh at my kid a lot!

What I dislike about being a parent is…vomit. I hate it, it creeps me out, but we’ve had to deal with a nasty tummy bug 3 times this year!!!! And many more, I’m sure.

Dairy, soy and gluten free triple-layer birthday cake - YUM!

We discovered early on that my baby had a food sensitivity to cowsmilk, soy, and wheat.  Since I was breastfeeding, I chose to remove them from my diet, in addition to Mia’s.  I became way more conscious of what I ate. This has been life changing – it’s enabled us to transform our diets and eat healthier.  I never ate kale until a couple years ago and it is delicious.  Kale chips are like candy to me!

Most often, I treat my daughter homeopathically when she is sick.  I’ve also used breastmilk to treat pink-eye, ear infections, and bug bites.   It really works!

On the flip side, I chose to have my daughter vaccinated, but spaced the doses out.

I love clothes shopping, it is therapeutic for me.

Sometimes, I let my daughter write on the walls with crayon in our family room only.

I have a short temper (I’m Sicilian) and when I yell, my daughter laughs at me because she thinks I’m being funny. It makes me stop in my tracks and reminds me that life is too short to be mad at anything.

I was so stressed out when Mia started solids. We introduced solids through the Baby Lead Weaning approach, so Mia has only eaten table food. At the time, I just couldn’t believe that kids knew how to “gum” food, I thought she’d choke.  Many times, I had to leave the room and have my husband watch her eat.

Sometimes, I feel torn about being a working mom.  I value my career and having my sanity by being with adults and doing meaningful work during the day, but I just can’t help missing my daughter terribly when I’m away from her.

My daughter’s going through a phase of running around diaper-less at night. I let her roam freely for a little bit since I think this is the early stages of potty training.  Needless to say, we’ve had a couple of “accidents” around the house.

I love my sleep, which is why I co-sleep because Mia still wakes to nurse at night. I also do it because I feel a piece of my heart missing when Mia is in her own bed.

I loved being pregnant.

I trust my instincts and let my “gut” guide me in most of my parenting decisions.

My dad always said: “It costs you nothing to be nice.” I try to remember that everyday, especially when I don’t want to be!

“I yuvooo mommy” (translation: I love you mommy) is my favorite sound in the world!

I love this little one!


9 comments on “This Is Me: Mary Grace”

  1. I also loved being pregnant both times. The second time was a little more rough because I actually had morning sickness during my fourth month of pregnancy. I also love to shop for clothes, shoes, bags. Window shopping works for me too. =)

  2. Thanks, Dena. My dad passed away seven years ago and I could still hear him saying those words to me. I wish you luck with your family 🙂

  3. Thank you for the supportive comments! It took some time to build that confidence – the first couple weeks were a blur, months 1-3 I was in a panic, 3-6 were a little better, and 6-12 I was getting the hang of things. Now at 2 I feel I could really enjoy this whole mom thing. Kris-Ann – I love doing dishes too, but laundry I want no part of. I thank you ladies and feel so happy to write for this blog.

  4. Loved this! Also, I laugh at my kid ALL the time. When she falls (as long as it is not serious) or does something totally ridiculous.

    Mia is beautiful, and you are a great momma!

  5. I loved this Mary Grace! We don’t co sleep but I can totally relate to that feeling that a part of me is missing when she’s asleep in her own room. Some nights I need to restrain myself from running into her room and waking her up just because I want a snuggle.

  6. So I actually forgot to include it in my This is Me post, but I LOVE doing laundry and washing dishes. I find it to be therapeutic because it’s instant gratification for me. Putting away the clean and folded laundry is an entirely different story. I trust my gut too…and so far, I’ve never been wrong.

    1. Kris-Ann, want to come to my house and do my laundry?!?! And Mary Grace, love the post! And I love your Dad’s statement… I will be using it in my house!

  7. I loved all of this…especially the comment about Italian swear words, hahahahaha! I also agree 100% on letting your gut guide you. If I’ve learned nothing else since having Nate, this is it. The books are great for ideas, but people have been having babies for a loooong time, and instincts are strong and always right!

  8. She is so cute! And you sound so confident and comfortable in your choices ~ what a blessing and a gift. It’s inspiring! ♥

    (I’ve squirted breast milk on various body part too ~ it really does heal!)

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