This is Me: Sarah



  1. I’m a part-time working mother to two beautiful, spunky, lovey, and physical girls.
  2. I have had two C-Sections and breastfed both of my daughters (for ten months). I supplemented with my first daughter and exclusively breastfed my second daughter. One of my daughters had reoccurring ear infections and a food allergy and the other has asthma. Hello? I thought this was not supposed to happen to breastfed babies? But, you know what, there are a lot worse things your children could be born with, so I will not complain!
  3. Sometimes I listen to the Fresh Beat Band in the car…when I’m alone.
  4. I’m pregnant for the third time, and this time is by far the most difficult. I’ve felt tired, sick, or a combination of both for the past 21 weeks, but I’m going to enjoy EVERY moment!
  5. Being an only child was a wonderful experience. I can’t ever remember wishing for a brother or sister, but I am happy that my children will have siblings.
  6. Spending alone time with my husband is important to our marriage. We do a good job of balancing work, family, and our marriage.
  7. I have a bad mouth. Sometimes my three and half year old uses the words: crappy, God Dammit, and Jesus. I realize I should feel bad about this, but sometimes it honestly makes me laugh. She uses them all correctly and in a proper contextual manner.
  8. I am a natural born worrier (and a potential hypochondriac).
  9. After I give birth for the third time, I will have been completely sober for 120 weeks of my life, approximately 2 years and 5 months. I feel that this entitles me to bouts of binge drinking, which can be done in an appropriate manner, so long as you are not at the Gold Club or in the presence of your children.
  10. We eat dinner as a family, sitting at the table, almost every night of the week.
  11. I read to my daughters every night before bed.
  12. My friends and family are essential in making my life work; I do not know what I would do without them.
  13. Occasionally my daughters will show up for school with their clothes on backwards. Most of the time this is my husband’s fault, sometimes it’s my fault…but I still blame it on my husband.
  14. Volunteering, caring for others, and giving back to your community are important concepts to me and I hope to pass this on to my daughters.
  15. I’m committed to taking two family vacations per year, and one adult-only vacation per year.
  16. I have a love-hate relationship with my breasts.
  17. I miss being in my twenties (so do my breasts).
  18. I wish I could be more like my Mom.
  19. I do not watch television, but I read every night.
  20. Snuggling with my daughters is one of my favorite things to do. I lay down with one of them every night while they fall asleep, and my two year old comes in and snuggles with me in the morning. These are my favorite times of day.
  21. I do not care if our third child is a boy or a girl; we just want a healthy baby.
  22. Never have I worried about my daughters being “successful” as adults. I want them to be healthy and I want them to be happy.
  23. Shopping is fun! I love to shop for my daughters.
  24. Being a mother, a professional, and a wife is hard work, but the balance that it provides to my family is ideal. 

7 comments on “This is Me: Sarah”

  1. keep doing it pretty mama! looking forward to sharing a drink while discussing work/life balance, of course (ok, maybe with a few shades references and use of choice words)…great post.

  2. I loved this! I am totally guilty of potty mouth too. In my post I even admitted to teaching my daughter Italian swear words – lol!

  3. Ha! I love Freshbeat and would totally listen to them and Laurie Berkner without the girls. Addison has been known to say “dammit” when she draws a card while playing Memory and it doesn’t match. I believe she learned the word from me and I can’t help but find it funny and kinda cute. You are an inspiration to all women as you seem to have mastered the art of doing it all…and happily, which is the key:) Oh, and I am really looking forward to binge drinking with you sometime in 2013.

  4. LOVE IT!! You are a wonderful mom and the girls and Baby #3 are SO lucky to have you as their mom… are such a great role model to them all. I know your job is not easy sometimes regarding schedule and yet you and your family STILL make it ALL happen. You ROCK!! ❤

  5. I also have a potty-mouth and my 7 year old often puts his clothes on backwards, including his underwear. 😉
    LOVE that you’re so good at balancing everything ~ it’s so freakin’ inspiring!

  6. Hi Sarah, I too had two C-Sections. When I gave birth to my son, my doctor did not recommend that I have a third do to all the scar tissue and asked me if I wanted to have my tubes tide since I will already be on the operating table. I decided not to tie my tubes though I am not planning to have anymore children.

    Can I assume that you are not finding out the sex of your third child? I bet it’s a boy. I had no issues being pregnant with my daughter, but with my son I was always cold and had a few months of morning sickness. I could be wrong, LOL and as long as they are healthy it does not matter if it is a boy or a girl. Since you mentioned how many weeks you are, I will guess your due date is somewhere between September 20th and September 25th. Both my kids are September babies and I love that month. =)

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