Question From a Reader!


We have such a fabulous group of followers that we’ll occasionally start posting some questions we get from our readers for you to give your input on!

Here is today’s question:

At what age do you think it’s appropriate for kids to start going to sleepover parties?

Weigh in via the comments section. Thanks in advance!

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4 comments on “Question From a Reader!”

  1. I let my daughter go on one when she was 6 to a family we have known for 3 years and really like. She did great!

  2. I would say 8-10 years old. I wouldn’t be comfortable with my sons sleeping at someone else’s home before then.

  3. My daughter will be seven years old and we have not yet started to have sleepover parties. With that said, my daughter has already slept over her friend’s house and the little girl has stayed at our house as well. I am friends with the other mom and was comfortable with the arrangement. My personal opinion/feeling is that sleepover parties are best started when the child/children are in fourth grade.

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