A Fun Day Out in Central Connecticut


With two active boys (3 when you include my nephew) it’s rare that we just stay home for an entire day. After a day spent kiddie-poolside on Saturday this weekend, Sunday was the day for an adventure.

The day started with a trip by Daddy and Uncle to Neil’s Dounuts and Bake Shop in Wallingford. There are a few things we’re going to miss about living in MA and one of them is an old bakery near our house that had the most delicious doughnuts. We did some internet searching to find somewhere close by that would measure up and this did the trick. I recommend the chocolate frosted with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

Then it was off to Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill.  We were a group of grandparents, two sets of parents and 4 kids ranging from 1 (in a stroller) to almost 5. It was great for all of them…well, the nature trail part was. The nature trails and butterfly garden (very small) portion are free. There are a few different trails, all very clearly marked and of varying lengths. There is only one recommended for strollers (0.3 miles long) but we risked it and tried another (0.6 miles) as well. With two adults who could lift up the stroller at the narrow/rocky parts it can be done (we had an all terrain stroller, a regular stroller wouldn’t work well on this second path) but if you’re just looking to push, rather than lift, stick with the stroller recommended trail. The kids loved following the colored circles on the trees marking the path and collecting sticks along the way. We also got to see some bullfrogs and a turtle. The trails are almost entirely in the woods so wear bug spray, but it was a nice retreat from the hot sun. We did go into the dome to check out the fossils, but our kids were way too young to appreciate that part so the $6 per adult fee to get in was a bit steep (children 5 and under are free). The younger kids thought it was a touch scary (there are piped in dinosaur roars) and it was totally above their heads. That being said, we didn’t participate in any of the excavating activities or the movie that was showing so for older science loving kids, it might be worth it. Next time, I think we’ll just stick to the outdoor portion.

As a side note, has anyone ever been to The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale, CT? Seems more amusement park like with a splash pad.

Onward to Glastonbury via the ferry!

After the park we headed to Mitchell’s on the River next to the Rocky Hill/Glastonbury ferry landing for a quick lunch. The food was pretty good, but with small children instead of eating at the picnic tables there, I’d recommend bringing your food right next door to the grassy area at the ferry landing. You can still see the boats, but the “ledge” down to the shoreline was less steep and farther away from cars. Easier for jumpy parents like me who think their curious toddlers are going to tumble down into the water. After that, it was a very quick, but fun trip across the river on the ferry. Though the wait time to get on the ferry was longer than the actual ride (the river isn’t that big across!) the kids thought it was amazing that the cars were on the water (our yougest crew member slept through her ferry ride). It was a fun CT thing to do.


Since we started in Rocky Hill and the ferry took us to Glastonbury, our final stop was at Robb’s Farm in Glastonbury. We said hello to the goats and and an emu named Frosting, then ended our day with a yummy cold scoop of ice cream. Since we’ll be living so close by, I’m sure we’ll be frequent guests at the farm.

While it wasn’t the healthiest eating day, it was a fun time and great for the age range of folks we had in our group. We spent some time running through the sprinkler when we got home, so that must have burned off some of those calories, no? What adventures did you go on this weekend?

2 comments on “A Fun Day Out in Central Connecticut”

  1. There are so many things I LOVE about this post! Let’s see, first of all we LOVE Robb’s Dairy Farm. Oh, so much. Their ice cream rocks! And I love seeing all the animals.

    Also, Mitchells is our FAVE breakfast place. I haven’t been to the one on the river but they have a second one in Rocky Hill that is awesome. I highly recommed it!

    And of course, the ferry rocks!

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