Magical Monday: True Confessions


I think it’s time for another healthy (or unhealthy, as it were) dose of True Confessions. Here are mine:

* My hubby and I partied a little too much after he completed his triathalon yesterday and I have a hangover right now.

* I have a headache, my baby woke me up at 6am yet again, and the LAST thing I feel like doing right now is a Magical Monday gratitude list (thus the True Confessions).

* I would really LOVE a personal assistant, especially at 6am to take my baby downstairs.

* My boys make up jokes all the time and tell them to me one after the other and I can’t even pretend they’re funny. It’s like torture to me and I always ask them to stop.

* Life was a lot easier before Kai began to crawl. I’ve adjusted, but I still miss the bliss of having an easy-to-manage babe. A LOT.

* Our photo shoot is on Friday and I’m fighting the urge to starve myself. I won’t do it, but the urge is still there.

* I absolutely ADORE my three sons and wouldn’t trade them for the world…but I’d still really love a daughter some day. A girlie, sparkly, fairy-loving daughter.

* My husband is just about to take my baby in the bath and I’d much rather take this opportunity to lie back down for awhile than write a long blog post.

And THAT is my Magical Monday True Confessions. (I love unleashing this sh*t.) 😉   Don’t leave me hangin’ ~ what is some of YOUR dirty laundry today?


7 comments on “Magical Monday: True Confessions”

  1. I love the True-Confessions.

    -I too hate when my daughter makes up jokes and silly songs that don’t make sense. I tell her, I don’t mind you doing it; just don’t tell them to mommy. I try to remember the kid jokes and teach them to her.
    -My husband is in the best shape of his life right now, he goes to the gym four times a week while I let myself go again. I need to get my butt motivated and get to the gym myself. I always wanted to do the PX90 or the Insanity video, but I know it’s a waste of money because I will never do it.
    -Lately I feel like I have been stuffing my face with everything under the sun. I know how to eat healthy but preparing healthy meals feels very daunting for me.
    -Though I am very excited for our Florida trip next week, I am not looking forward to putting on a bathing suit.
    -Over the Memorial Day weekend I got mad at my husband for his over consumption of alcohol at our friend’s house, so I packed the kids and went home. I told my husband he can walk home. (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink, but I hate it when people get drunk)
    -Yesterday was my extremely lazy day. Stayed home and didn’t get anything done that I wanted too.
    -I can’t wait to go on vacation.

  2. I’m with Michelle- I had a whole weekend of thinking about all the fun things I can’t do with 2 young kids. I have lots of friends who aren’t parents, and at times, I’m really envious of them (and at times not, of course, too). This was one of those weekends.

    And for #2…all I want to do today is bake cookies and eat them. And I just might do that.

    1. I always tell my best friend who is single, lives on her own, has a great job and gets to travel that I am “Proud Jealous” of her. Meaning that sometimes I wish I can have the freedom she has and that I am proud of all her accomplishments. But then I realize that the grass is not greener on the other side and that she sometimes wishes she had my life.

  3. My husband and I have always talked about having two kids and we’re approaching that time to start thinking about babe #2. This morning I woke up with a panic attack….I’m not even sure that I want another kid. The worst part – I don’t want to go through the pregnancy, giving birth, first 3 months thing. I want another kid, but can’t we just skip all the painful stuff and get right to the good things?

    1. lol, Kat! Well my advice (not that you asked for it) is that if you’re not ready to go through all that again, it’s not time to think about another kid yet. The best time to have another kid is when you forgot how hard it was to get there. That’s why there is a 3 year age gap between my kiddos ~ it took me that long to forget. 😉

  4. I LOVE true confessions day!! Love all of yours Kate, and I can’t WAIT to see you for our photo shoot on Friday! I’m bringing sparklers (and wine)!

    My true confessions:
    -My baby has hit the stage where she whines and screams when she doesn’t get what she wants. I hate it and find it incredibly annoying.
    -I wish I had more time to myself.
    -I can’t motivate myself to work out regularly and I hate that about myself right now.
    -I’m really worried about passing down body image issues to my daughter. That is the absolute LAST thing I want to do.
    -I’m on some sort of spiritual journey right now and don’t know which religion I’ll land in. I’m hoping that wherever my journey leads me, my family will be happy for me no matter what.
    -Last night I was hanging out with good friends and they were going to walk into town to our cute local frozen yogurt place and I wanted to go with them, but the baby needed to go home to have dinner and go to bed so I couldn’t go. And I REALLY wanted to go, I wanted to go more with them than home with the baby. It was one of those moments where you really feel how becoming a parent has changed pretty much every aspect of your life.
    -I ate way too much junk food over the weekend and now my stomach hurts.
    I’ll be back later to write more!

    1. Oh, I LOVE all your confessions, Dear Sister! It just makes me love you even more. ♥ And I love hearing that you’re on a spiritual journey! I just want to point out that “spiritual” and “religion” don’t have to be synonymous ~ I consider myself a very spiritual person but I don’t ascribe to any particular religion. I don’t think you have to go to church to communicate with God ~ you just have to go within and listen to that voice inside us. I suppose that’s a whole ‘nother post though!

      Sparklers sound like so much FUN! 🙂

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