The proverbial battle has been won – Pacifierless.


The proverbial battle has been won.

Just a few days shy of his 22nd month birthday my little man had completely kicked the Pacifier habit!

Yay, Mom and Dad are so proud and relived.  (Side Note: Know that I waited long enough to post this to make sure we were past it – didn’t want to jinx anything.)

In our house it was called a Pacifier – I know many families loving call it a binky, a paci, a bo-bo, etc. What’s funny is when he started to talk and could ask for it, he would say “PASSOVA ” which sounded like Passover, it always made us giggle, thinking about him saying it still does make me chuckle.

Anyways, it started a few weeks after he was born, this little love affair between my newborn son and his pacifier the big blue one for infants was where it all began. Little man was only allowed to have the pacifiers during nap time, car rides or evening bed time.  We chose not to let him have it all day long as just our choice, we felt sleeping or in the car were comforting times he needed a little something extra.





(Notice the blanket holding the pacifier in his mouth – I became a whiz at that.)

It was so hard to keep that thing in his mouth the first few months – it would pop out of his mouth and he would CRY. It got so bad that a hand had to be on it at all times to make sure it would stay put while he was drifting to sleep.  Plenty of nights I laid in bed drifting to sleep myself with one arm hanging off the bed over his rock and sleeper holding the pacifier in his mouth carefully.  A time or two we considered tying it around his head somehow, but we didn’t of course.  If I only knew then what I know now – they have these cute little stuffed animals to hold those pacifiers in place for infants – genius! (Knowledge way too late for me but may be helpful for a new momma I will definitely get these if we ever have another baby

As with anything with babies they outgrow it and we were onto the next size up pacifier – for some reason I chose the Tommeetippee   – closer to nature ones. (0-6 months & then 6 –18 months)

They came in packs of two in cute stripes and polka dots and the later ones for 18 months + had airplanes and trucks.  We seemed to have at least 4 on hand floating from room to room, diaper bag or pack n play at any given time.  Little did I know we would pay dearly the night of his first birthday for only using that one specific brand of pacifier – after the party and the cleanup it was getting late and it was time for little man to go to sleep we had company overnight, his Aunt and Uncle from Florida were up for the birthday festivities and well let’s just say we were all up overnight.  Somehow not 1 pacifier could be located. Did they all go on strike, did one of the kids from the party make off with our pacifier stash, who knows,  all I know is my hubby took a late night drive to the 24 hour CVS and got what he could – I took one look at it and new it wouldn’t work.  Momma was right baby was not happy all he wanted was his pacifier – what a miserable way to end his first birthday.  The next morning all of us were in the car headed to Babies R Us for the purchase of two new sets of Tommee Tippee pacifiers, Peace and quiet!






















Now as little man turned one and a half I knew we wanted to begin to wean him off the pacifier – we researched a few different options and over the years I heard from friends or family members how they got their little ones to no longer use one.  I liked the “Binky ” Fairy idea (sort of like the tooth fairy for pacifiers) – but he was too young for that concept and also the concept of giving it to another baby that needs it wouldn’t work either right now.  I stumbled across the self-weaning (with help from Mom, Dad and a pair of scissors) approach.  See you basically snip a little piece off the tip of the nipple and progress in cutting it back until they no longer want it.   Hmmm could it work?  Could it be that simple no crying – no screaming? We would soon find out.  My biggest fear was the long car rides to New Jersey to see family – those pacifiers were like magic in the car.


– We started by just snipping the very little tip-off the end of the nipple, to our surprise, he didn’t seem to mind at all.

In fact it was right around the time he was making his own holes in his pacifiers with all his teeth, he was becoming a pro at making holes in the nipples, snipping off the tips didn’t seem to bother him.

Little by little over a span of about two weeks we snipped back the nipple until it was nothing  – I mean my husband and I were impressed how he stuck with it with practically nothing to suck on .  Then one afternoon at nap time he told his daddy “broken ”  – “No like ” and he was willing to throw it away.  He held on to a couple just to have lying in his crib but little by little he no longer wanted them.  No screaming, No crying – he decided it was no longer needed (with a little help from us of course).   There were a few times ,at night especially, he would ask for a “Passova ” but we would remind him it was broken and just like that we moved on in a little over 2 – 3 weeks.  I have to admit I held on to one in complete form just in case this momma needed it – I didn’t want a repeat of his first birthday night.

All in all it was a good transition for us and the method seemed to work – I hope it works for any momma or daddy out there looking for away to end the pacifier war.

–       What methods have you used to stop using pacifiers – we would love to hear from you.

–       If you give this method a try , Please send us your results (along with some pictures of course)

This IMAGE will live in my Memory for ever – my little Superman! 

7 comments on “The proverbial battle has been won – Pacifierless.”

  1. Very adorable pictures and neat idea to wean! Oh, do I remember that first birthday party and the night that followed! I also remember the pacifier was found later – it had been put on a shelf by a taller person and went unseen by the shorties looking for it!

  2. This is awesome! My little man is almost 9 months and he is loving his pacifier at the moment (due to some pretty crazy teething…at almost 9 months he has 8 teeth) … sometimes I catch him with one in his mouth and one in his hand trying to put another one in his mouth. Lol. 🙂 I will try this when we get to this point. 🙂

  3. Thanks Kerri – your right at the moment it seems like a huge battle – but in the long run of things to come it was a stepping stone. We seem to have a favorite blanket too at our house. Next battle on the horizon – being able to lay him in bed say good night I love you and leave the room with out crying and “pick up mommy” followed by a caving mom who then rocks him or holds him to sleep…. urgh maybe I created a monster!

  4. Jen – I was a bit skeptical at first – but it worked and I think it empowered him to think he was getting rid of it – we didnt just take it away from him. But man when I tell you he was a champ he used that thing down to a barely there nub. 🙂 Let me know if you try adn and how it works out – Best of Luck!!!

  5. This is great! My Little is 21 months and like yours, uses a “paci” only at naptime/bedtime. I haven’t really thought about how to get rid of it but I know I want to do it by the time he’s 2 or thereabouts. Good technique with snipping it down, I may have to try that.

  6. These milestones are bittersweet! At the time you know you need to tackle it and take the challenge head on, and go through the motions when he starts to win the battle and comfort yourself with the “well, he wont’ got to college with it right? he’ll be off it by then!” HA My 6 & 3 yr olds are still carrying around their blankies! Then you struggle with it when you are finally over the stage and realize he is one step closer to growing up and one step further away from the baby stage 😦 Enjoy it, no matter what the challenge is- there will ALWAYS be another challenge you both need to overcome!

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