What I Wore- Working Momma Edition


I’ve been following Lindsey, a fellow blogger at The Pleated Poppy, for a while now, and look forward to her “What I Wore Wednesday” editions.  Lindsey, a stay at home mom, started this feature on her blog a couple of years ago in a way to motivate herself to dress to take on the day, but not in yoga pants and sweats.  She has quite a following, and it prompted me to do the same.  Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a working mom outfit routine rut- I go for easy and quick.  After a week of consciously picking out my outfits, accessories, and handbags, it really made me re-evaluate my wardrobe.  Dressing for the day is more than throwing something on and heading out the door with baby in tow.  It’s about dressing yourself to be a confident and put-together working mom who at least tries to feel like she has it all.  I’ll admit- knowing that i was going to post up pictures of myself and my outfits did make me more aware of how i paired my clothes with my shoes and bags.  And conclusions:

  1. Solid colored shirts need big jewelry.  You can get away with a $7.00 top from old navy, but pairing it with a statement necklace, and you’ve got gold, baby.
  2. Changing up my handbags during the week reminded me of some amazing stuff I have in my closet.  It was the perfect excuse to carry bags I hadn’t used in a looooong time.
  3. “Casual Friday” does not equal frump.  Leave the frump for a sick day lying on the couch.  I always say that I do some of my best work in jeans.  True story, especially when paired with fun accessories and sequined sandals.
  4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.  That, my friends, is the moral of this story!
  5. A good seamstress is worth her weight in gold.  Having a dress fit perfectly to your body will make you feel like a million bucks.  (Even if said dress was bought on sale in a size too big!) Taking in a few darts or sewing pockets shut may make all the difference!
  6. Fashion blogs and Pinterest are great resources to use when trying to pair your existing pieces with fun new ones.  Saves you a lot of $$, and you can re-invent yourself often.
  7. Finally, do not overlook the value of waiting a few minutes before heading out of your car and into your office to do a final one over on your outfit.  Had I done this on Thursday, I would have caught the maple syrup glob on my left boob.  Fortunately you can’t see that in the pic.  As delicious as I smelled that day, food globs on your chest is not a good look.

Welcome to my week!


Starting off the week in a statement dress.  Had to set the tone for a confident and positive week.  Here is one of my new favorites- A Lilly Pulitzer shift in “Dark & Stormy”  -A total steal I picked up on Rue La La a few weeks ago.  A little advice- get to know a good seamstress.  This dress was a little sack-ish on my, and about 3 inches too long.  My mom, expert seamstress that she is, helped me to shorten it, sew the pockets shut and, take it in about an inch at the waist, and took in the back darts.  It went from “sack” to “fab” in about an hour.  Paired with Jack Rogers Navajo sandals, alex & ani bangles, and Honora pearl bracelets.


In my opinion, there’s nothing hotter than white pants in the summer.  Or anytime for that matter- you can get away with cameo white in the fall, and a pair of structured white jeans can really work almost year round.  I match my white pants and turquoise polo with a pair of Seychelles wedges.  Bought as an impulse buy at DSW when I was about 8 months preg, I knew they would be a staple post-kid!  Oh, and remember the Dark & Stormy from Monday? Love the print so much I bought the matching bag in the background.



One of my all time faves and total go-to summer skirts!  This outfit is brought to you by the J.Crew outlet.  Skirt, shirt, and believe it or not- statement necklace!  But wait- did you think I’d be able to justify spending almost $100 on a chunky plastic necklace? From an outlet? Well, if given the time, I could totally justify what’s in my closet, but that, my friends, is a $14.00 look-alike courtesy of ebay.  Yep.  And I can tell you, it’s already paid its way this summer.  The bag is a Cath Kidston oilcloth book bag.  The quilter in me can’t get enough of spray roses.


Ah… the heat wave that came to stay last week did a number on my hair.  Hence the braided knotted up do.  Sometimes all you can do is damage control, and Thursday is the perfect example of that!  Either way, pairing a bright fun skirt from the J.Crew outlet with an oldie Lacoste polo and gold sandals is a great go-to.  You can never have enough perfect fitting polos in your closet- work appropriate, and the solid colors can do anything with jeans, crazy patterns, and anything else that you can match the colors with.


I love love love jeans friday at the office.  Jeans are like my second skin.  A hot pair of jeans that fit you perfectly and love your butt are, in my opinion one of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe.  After having Jake, one of my major goals was to fit back into my favorite pair of 7 for all mankind jeans.  They’re a simple flare cut, but they love my butt like nothing else out there.  When I fit back into those babies it was like a hallelujah chorus was blasting from the tops of mountains everywhere.  When I finally wore them out this year (they were older than my 7 year marriage, just to give you some insight) I went right over to Nordstrom Rack and bought myself another pair.  I’m telling you, when you try them on, you’ll see the worth!  And at Nordstrom Rack prices, I was able to re-stock at under $100!  But enough about my jeans and my butt.  Friday was too too too hot for jeans, and Mike and I took a half day because Jake’s school had a family ice cream social!  So you get a little bit of Jake in this post (per usual!)  This skirt, also older than my marriage, came from H&M in Boston.  Paired with a simple grey old navy tee ($7.50!), a chunky turquoise necklace and sequined flip flops, it called for a classic bag- my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.  Victory on all levels, counting the fact that i only got about 4 spoons of ice cream on myself and in my hair.

So what are your go-tos?  How do you pair some of your favorite pieces?  Anything you’re lusting after?  If there is ever a time to learn to take care of yourself it’s definitely post-kid.  Try out some new looks, and indulge in a trendy fad every now and then.  Life’s too short to wear mom jeans!!!

10 comments on “What I Wore- Working Momma Edition”

  1. I love your style!! The first dress is my favorite. I should’ve known it was Lilly based off how much I loved it at first sight. You’re very stylish! The preppy colors are so summery.

  2. I need to remember this! Working from home, I feel like I don’t ever get out of sweatpants. When I want to dress up and go out, my husband just wants to get out of his nice clothes and put on sweats, so we never are in sync. I am the queen of accessories! Especially jewelry and scarves. Handbags not so much, but I’m willing to learn.

  3. Loved, loved, LOVED this!!! I needed this “kick” to get back into caring about how I’m dressed. After finishing grad school and getting ready to head back into the work world, I need to STOP IT with the yoga pants and denim capris every single day. Not going to fly. I also think planning the night before makes sense with juggling work and kids and still trying to look great.

    And as a sidenote…7’s are AWESOME. I have two pairs in my attic (5 years old!) that I lived in pre-baby. After baby #1 I didn’t really do much to get back into shape, knowing I would soon be preggo again. But now that baby #2 is here (and, ahem, over 1 year old…) I need to get back in those 7’s!!! I’m so so impressed that you did it!!!

  4. 1) I’m kind of coveting the wedges from Tuesday’s picture. DSW, you say?
    2) Your son and my daughter go to the same daycare. I’m pretty sure they were in the same room for a while, but she moved up to the Twos today. We were similarly decorated with globs of melted ice cream afterwards but had a lot of fun.
    3) I’m in a MAJOR slump on my work apparel. I’m an engineer and we have a kind of male-centric dress code (for the women it means no sleeveless shirts, no capris or crops regardless of how dressy they are, no denim, no sandals) and for safety reasons I often have to remove accessories like jewelry and scarves and get dolled up in all kinds of protective gear. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot I can do to make steel toe shoes, a hard hat, and safety glasses look good. I tend to resort to the polo shirt and khakis combo most days like my male coworkers, but I’m resolved to try to change it up a little and even wear a skirt or dress when I know I won’t be in the lab. Accessories and shoes are key, I think!

  5. I admit it. I get stuck in wardrobe ruts. Big time. I am so busy in the morning that most days I just pick out what is least wrinkled and go with it. I do always try to wear an awesome pair of earrings though, that has to count for something!!

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