Two on One…life with kids.

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I like to be on the move. Parks, walks around town, hiking, library, swimming. I like getting out and trying new things. With Don, I had it down. Mental checklist of things to pack for a day outing, strategies for getting to a public bathroom, the right amount of planning mixed with a good amount of spontaneity. Now I have two kids…

My first attempt at a day trip happened on week seven. The weather was perfect so I decided to take Don and Edith to the beach! I’m on maternity leave until mid-July, but have kept Don in daycare for consistencies sake as well as my own sanity. But the day was too beautiful to miss, so I got the food prepped, kids dressed, car packed and we were out the door by 9:30.

We had to stop at Target for a beach umbrella, another first… I had yet to go to a store with both kids and debated how I would handle the shopping cart the entire drive to the store. I ended up keeping Don in the designated seat and put the car seat in the main part of the cart. Success! Now on to the beach!

After arriving at the beach, I loaded up the brand new double baby jogger with the towels, kids, food, toys, etc. wheeled up onto the beach, dragged the double jogger across the sand and began to unload. It was at that point that Don said, “I have to go to the bathroom”. Hmmm. Hadn’t planned for that one. How do I take a three year old to a public restroom while holding a newborn? Do I leave all of our stuff on the beach and hope for the best? My internal conversation was interrupted, “I have to go to the bathroom”. And off we went!

Don, Edith and I head into the public restroom. I proceed to balance a baby while helping a three year old pull down his pants. I help Don balance in front of the toilet while balancing Edith on my legs. Obstacle 1 complete, now down to the beach. The day ends up going pretty well. There are times when both kids need me at once, but for the most part their timing is pretty good. The beach wasn’t the ‘tanning while reading a trashy magazine’ kind of day I used to have, but it was a great day and both kids passed out of exhaustion on the way home.

Since taking on the beach, we have ventured out to the park, library, spray pad and we even had a lunch date! Things have definitly changed. I can no longer allow Don to venture into the woods or climb up the stairs in the center of town when we have the baby stroller, but Don has adapted pretty well. I can always use the baby carrier if we really need to be mobile. I think the biggest change is the huge feeling of responsibility I have when out with two kids..and the accompanying exhaustion. I’ve realized that when I start to get a little overwhelmed a long deep breath can do wonders to keep us going and me sane.

How did you manage going from one kid to two? How about two to three?


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