Advice to Working Moms From Arianna Huffington


What now seems like eons ago, I was fortunate enough to hear Arianna Huffington, President and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, speak at a fundraising event I attended.  She spoke so eloquently and with such poise and humor, and her words about her children and women finding a work/life balance really hit home for me.

There was a limited Q&A session, but I decided to email her and ask her what her advice to Working Moms would be.  To my complete and utter shock (and the beginning of such wonderful things for our blog) she replied with her wonderful answer and graciously allowed us to post it here for all of you:

 “I’m convinced that once you become a mother — whether you stay at home or work — when they take the baby out, they put the guilt in. From that moment, both baby and guilt start growing. And as our children grow up, the fear that we’re never good enough, that we’re never doing enough, only becomes more intense.

At the same time, motherhood brings out reserves of courage we never knew we had. And for me, that courage came in part when I accepted that I was never going to give up my work for full-time parenting, and when I stopped comparing myself with my own mother, the perfect full-time, nothing-else-matters mom.”

-Arianna Huffington

I think we can all relate to these wise words.  Thank you Arianna!

Note: Yesterday’s Wisdom Wednesday post also tackled the dreaded Mommy Guilt- Check it out!

5 comments on “Advice to Working Moms From Arianna Huffington”

  1. The novel AT THE CORNER OF WALL AND SESAME illustrates Ms. Huffington’s point that most mothers, regardless of if they are WMs or SAHMs, are haunted by the feeling that there is something else they could/should be doing better. Our society has evolved (or devolved?) to the point where it is impossible to fit everything into 24 hours. The best we can do is make well-thought choices and move forward knowing that we’re doing what is best for our families and ourselves, and ignore societal judgements.

    Jean Rosenfeld, LCSW and Editor, Clinical Update, California Society for Clinical Social Work says, “(AT THE CORNER OF WALL AND SESAME is a) fast paced, engaging book that gives a feel for the challenges that affect every member of two-career families. At the Corner of Wall and Sesame will spark vital discussions about work, parenting, marriage and friendship. We need to have these conversations!”

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