Tasty Thursday!


Our usual columnist Gena needs a few weeks off so I’m doing Tasty Thursday today!

I must admit, I’m fortunate to have a husband that does the majority of cooking. Sure, I CAN cook, but if someone else wants to do it who am I to say no??

So, my guest post today will be a compilation of photos that I found on pinterest with food that looks so darn delicious. Maybe I’ll send this blog post to my hubby with the subject line “Hint, Hint.”

Anyone else lucky enough to have a partner that does the cooking?? (Oh and if you want to try to make any of the stuff below – just click on the photo for the recipe – and send me some)

YUM (Warning: you may need a tissue to wipe the drool from your mouth after looking at these)

Nutella Popcicles. Need I say more?
Mac n’ Cheese – super drool
I wish I was eating this for lunch today.


Dear Goat Cheese,
I love you.
Yes, please.
Sweet tooth anyone?
Spinach lasagna rolls – delic!
Is it 5 o’clock yet?

I’ll simply wrap up this post by saying – delicious!

4 comments on “Tasty Thursday!”

  1. A great summer drink we love is a Watermelon Cocktail. We had it in a restaurant a few summers ago and after experimenting a bit we were able to make it ourselves.

    You take cut watermelon, mint, simple syrup, a sparkling beverage (we have used seltzer and ginger ale) and ice mix it all in a blender. You can also add alcohol if you like. We have used rum and gin but I am sure you can experiment with what you like. Mix it all up and enjoy.

    It’s great on a hot day

  2. I just got my Zuko Pop maker this week and actually tried those nuetella pops last night. I used 1% milk instead of the one the recipe called for and added a few chuncks of banana. My husband and 19 month old daughter LOVED them.

  3. Yummy! And it comes right before lunchtime, too! I’ve made the grilled cheese with avocado one and it’s delish.

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