Goddess Gathering How-to


The other day Michelle posed the question “Where are all the Goddesses?”  in response to the fact that, despite all the exposure (no pun intended) and positive encouragement we received from our Goddess Gathering, we have gotten very few submissions, and most of them are our own bloggers!

It got me to thinking about if I would have bared my belly for a picture if it had been just me and my camera.  Would I have been able to press the send button?

Probably not.

I can’t seem to find words in the dictionary large and meaningful enough to describe how that night has changed me.  I think that the number of people who felt moved by the blog post, and the events that followed, tells us that this is what other women are needing- craving- in their lives.  I have always insisted that it was less about the bellies and more about the togetherness, the sisterhood- as Michelle always calls it, that was most powerful, and now I know that is true.

So, what does this all mean?


So to get you started and do away with a few excuses, here’s a little How-To Throw A Goddess Gathering:

1.  Get a Guest List Together:

This is more than just sending out invites to a Girl’s Night Out.  My suggestion is to send out an email with the Goddess post attached for them to read (or you can print it out and send it snail mail style).  Let your gal pals know that you really want have this experience with them and for them to get back to you if they are in.  Once you know that you have some Goddesses to Gather you can move on to Step 2.

2.  Pick a Date and Time:

You want to have a good showing, so it’s best to get a date when the majority, if not all of your willing participants can attend.  I LOVE Doodle (just ask the other bloggers).  It’s an online scheduler that allows you to pick a few dates and send to your list for them to let you know your availability.  It’s an easy way to see which date is the best and make sure you get the most people to your event.

3.  Pick a Place:

You want to pick a place that you will feel the most comfortable.  Your friends 800 sq.ft. apartment filled to the brim with baby gear is probably not the best place.  We took our pics outside because there were more options for poses, and frankly the lighting is better!

4.  Kids and Husbands are NOT ALLOWED!

This is not a commandment, but for us the freedom of just being the girls and not having to tend to the “I’m hungry,” “I’m bored,” “I pooped,” refrain from our children and significant others was what these harried working moms needed to help let loose.  If it helps, pick one house for your party, and one house for the kids and their caregivers.  Let me repeat- you owe it to yourself to have a night away from your kids!

5.  Pick your Dress Code:

If you want to make our Gallery you need to take FULL BODY pictures.  You are more than just a body part, you are a Goddess and we want to see YOU!  So decide together, or as the hostess, what you want to wear and any colors.  We decided to do our belly pics and some fully clothed ones in flowy dresses to go with the theme.

6.  Find a Photographer:

If you want to get a pro, maybe you can all chip in for the cost.  If not, a decent camera with a tripod for the group shots will do just fine!

7.  Decide on Refreshments:

We all came with snacks and goodies to share, or you can order food, or cook together.  make it simple enough that you can have fun and not have to worry about the delivery guy seeing you in all your sports bra glory (though you may not have to give him a cash tip)!  Alcohol is not necessary, but welcome nonetheless!

8.  It’s PARTY Time!

People will be nervous, giddy, and anxious. Give yourselves a time frame for when you want to start taking pictures, as the hostess it is your job to make sure you stick to this.  In the meantime, treat it like any other GNO-  Do each other’s hair and makeup while you snack and trade battle stories of birth and parenting.

9.  It’s GODDESS Time!

Once everyone is feeling more comfortable and you are at your set picture-taking time, get set and ready to go.  Pick poses that feel comfortable to you and just plain feel right!  There is no right or wrong here.  Encourage each other with compliments, catcalls, and dirty jokes.  Laugh, giggle- HAVE FUN!

10.  Embrace the sisterhood, right now and forever.

These women are now your sisters.  You have done something together that will change how you feel about yourself and each other.  It is awakening, it is empowering, it is beautiful.

Send your Goddess Gathering pictures to michelle@ctworkingmoms.com so we can share your courage with others!

3 comments on “Goddess Gathering How-to”

  1. I loved reading this and reliving our process of it all!!!!!!! Maybe we should have some sort of incentive to get other Mamas to do it? It is just SO WORTH IT!!!!

  2. Yay! I think this is just what women need to be empowered to throw their own Goddess parties. We should have them regularly!!!

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